Tuesday 9 June 2009


Thought I'd catch up with some blogging as the sun has disappeared, not that I'm a fair weather gardener! Anyone who grows roses will agree that its going to be a great year for blooms, so good in fact that I'm able to pick some for the house which I love.

The veg garden is producing too. However a tip for budding growers ~ don't forget to label if you plant peas and mange tout next to each other!! These could be mange tout or maybe they are peas??

Here is my badge that I got from snapdragon.
Do you remember the blue sky?

My second free (the horlicks offer) magazine arrived and its a blinder!! A beach style special, every page is filled with loveliness, go check it out you wont be disappointed.

Great fresh fabrics!

So why the random selection?
My camera has just about died,
so I shall leave you with this ghostly image
of what?


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Oh flip ..... the Horlicks mag offer has now closed ..... snap with the chick badge .... they are so cute aren't they.

noelle said...

a lovely quilt by the look of it! That magazine was a corker this month wasn't it? I think it was the Mousehole article that did it for me!!!I have had one crop of new potatoes so far, can't beat veg from the garden. x x

Lisa said...

Is that a patchwork quilt I spy?
Your chicken badge looks great on the bunting. My cupcake badge fell off my jacket when I was out with the children on Sunday. We retraced our steps but it couldn't be found. I am so sad!
Lisa x

Diane said...

Your veg is way ahead of mine - its the North /South divide - its all about the heat!! My peas are not even in flower yet, but I am having "baby leaves" with my sald (cos I am impatient and cannot wait for them to grow!!)

Floss said...

My husband has the jam badge! Aren't they great! I love your random photos, but I do hope your camera problems are sorted out soon.

Lindsey said...

I got a space hopper badge. Aren't they fab? Thanks for the tip-off.
That mag is just fantastic! I indulged yesterday and I just keep going back to drool over the pictures whilst supressing the green-eyed monster rearing it's ugly head. :O)