Monday 1 June 2009


You may or may not have heard of Millvina Dean. She was the last living survivor of the Titanic.
This rose is a tribute to her life as sadly she passed away yesterday. She was 97 and had led an interesting life, more recently so, due to the growing interest in anything Titanic.

My interest is slightly more personal as my Mum did her dress making and what not.
Millvina told mum recently that someone asked her to send a lock of her hair to them so she did, and received £100 in return!

Rest in peace Millvina.


Diane said...

Ah bless. What a life. xxx

Mary Poppins said...

She was so sweet wasn't she, I saw her being interviewed, and what a charming person, who seemed to embrace the interest the public had in her. I believe she was only a little 9 week old baby when she was aboard the Titanic, and has sold many of her special things related to the liner.

God bless her :)


Simone said...

My Nan was 97 yesterday. Born in the same year as Millvena. They must have experienced so much in their lives. Millvena sounds like she was a lovely lady.x

marble rose said...

Wow! Gosh I hope good and happy experiences came due to the film, after surviving such a tragedy being reminded of it weekly 90 years on. Bless her. RIP.


Lisa said...

Bless her heart.
She must have had an interesting life because of her link with the Titantic.

noelle said...

She seemed a lovely lady, i saw her on the news. What a beautiful rose:)

noelle said...

hey clare, could you tell me the name of that rose, i just love it! I want one :)

Louise said...

Such a beautiful rose. I must say I shed a tear or two for Millvina when watching the tribute to her on the local news, set to the haunting Titanic theme tune. So interesting you have a family connection. x

Poppy said...

Such a beautiful rose for a lovely lady!

I hope you are keeping well…love Lou xxx