Wednesday 18 March 2009

sweet charity

I have been gardening in this lovely sunshine,
but I've also been shopping!!!
Charity of course.

A picture for those of you who commented about my fireplace, the oh so lovely wood burner is actually electric. We have a loft room so no chimney, so we had to make do. Its made from cast iron like the real thing and if I don't tell you then you wont know. Whoops!

The mantle was cleared at Christmas so everything got dispersed around the house, leaving a bare looking fireplace. I've been on the look out for some candle sticks and today I found them.
They are a nice driftwoody colour, sometimes I'm amazed at finding just the right thing in charity shops.

In another I found this huge bowl! I nearly didn't get it, but I've learnt that if you like something buy it and don't kick yourself later! The old lady who served me said I could make a nice treacle pudding in it, mmm I was thinking more ribbons and stuff.

Again in another shop this blanket for £1.50.
You cant buy the wool for that price.
I know all you crocheters out there will frown,
I just haven't got round to learning yet!

And lastly a book written by a very lovely man,
Geoff Hamilton
who sadly died soon after filming his paradise gardens series.
I have only just discovered him, though I am sure I watched him on Gardeners World with my Mum. I have just watched this series on uktv gardens, I love Geoff's no nonsense approach, and have learnt loads more than I ever did watching the latest fluffy GW.

'In this book I aim to show you how you can recreate a quiet country glade right there in your own backyard...I cant promise that the sun will always shine there, but I can promise it will always seem that way.'

Geoff Hamilton


silverpebble said...

What great finds! That bowl had to be bought and the crochet rug - that's the best bargain I've heard of in a long time. Geoff Hamilton was a gentleman and a really knowledgeable teacher - I loved his 'Ornamental Kitchen Garden' series. I was so sad to hear that he passed away the other week. Emma x

Lisa said...

Great charity shop bargains!
Love the floral bowl, I wouldn't use it for cooking either.
Gave your dad a wave last night as we went to the country park, hope he saw me!

Sal said...

I loved Geoff Hamilton's programmes too...very inspiring.

You did well with your thrifty finds! ;-)

...Nina Nixon... said...

Wow, there really good finds, especially the blanket. I do love a good bargain hunt.

Nina x

Thecraftytrundler said...

I saw Geoff Hamilton's programmes originally, and always love watching them again. Barnsdale, his garden is near Oakham in Rutland. It's not too far from here, I really will have to visit one day. My claim to fame is going along to a local garden centre in the 1980's & getting him to autograph my book!
Love your finds, what lovely bargains : )

Sharon xx

French Knots said...

Lovely candlesticks, just the right proportions for your fireplace. I'm so envious of your blanket! What a brilliant find!

Shabby Chick said...

Your electric stove is giving me ideas... we'd love a woodburner in the dining room but recently discovered (by looking up at the roof outside, you'd think I would have done it before!!!) that at some point that chimney has been removed. So an electric one would be a great compromise :)

Loving your charity shop bargains, the candlesticks are gorgeous and the bowl so pretty too. I can't crochet either so I don't blame you for buying the blanket!

Mel xxx

Country Bliss said...

Beautiful bowl I wouldn't cook in it either, great blanket too bargain! I've just come in from gardening as my back's aching, I must be so unfit.
Yvonne x

Country Cottage Chic said...

What fabulous finds! Our local charity shops hardly have anything I want to buy anymore.

Anonymous said...

Great finds - I agree with the old lady though and would go with the treacle pudding!! Its been a great few days for getting into the garde. I am eagerly awaiting the return of Gardeners World - I was a big Monty Don fan though and I do miss him. I also loved St Titch, and I think I could be Carol Kleins bessie mate, whilst my hubby says he wouldnt mind being undergardener to Rachel De Thame!!I almost bumped into Chris Beardshaw whilst he was filming the Flying Gardener, but I just missed him - just as well as I have a tendancy to turn back into the 15 year old Diane around boys I think are dishy!! Loving your photographs