Wednesday 4 March 2009

seeing stars

I've got to the point in my latest patchwork foray where its time to arrange the pieces in their final positions before I sew them together. And believe me its been a tough one this time.
I think Mr Fete is getting cheesed off with it taking over the bed at night time!

I think I may have gone a bit off track from the original colourway, but you know how it is when you just want to sew?! I think there is still some editing to do and one last star to sew.

Its been an enjoyable project so far. No where near as fiddly as it looks. Its very rewarding as the patchwork pieces are big so you get an instant effect. Now I am going off to try out another arrangement!


Anonymous said...

hi clare, first time to your blog . love it! you left a message on mine about St.Ives. will be adding you to my 'blogs i love list !!

Lynne said...

I've just come over from Sew and Sew On where I saw your comment.
I was delighted when your page came up and I saw your stars. I love hand piecing or English Patchwork. I have a hexagonal quilt in the making. It's only taken me x number of years!! I've put it on my blog sometime ago.
I have a feeling though that your stars haven't been in the making very long, am I correct? It's looking lovely. I'll call back to see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much clare , i feel quite honoured !!

A Farmers Wife said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your latest post, those stars are inspirational!
I was so glad to 'discover' CK, and only an hour away, it was well worth the drive as there wasnt even a cost to park.
Yes the kittens were mine, my lovely Darcy gave birth to them last year, we kept the only girl-willow, and Mr P's brother bought sid, a little ginger one as a surprise for his wife. Shes calling again now so hopefully she'll have a few more this year!

Mary Poppins said...

Clare the stars look adorable, my you are so clever and talented, I am sure would take me ten years to master it, I would love to make up a little patchwork quilt for my daughter from all her pretty dresses when she was little, I would love to do something pretty with them :)

The lounger was a CK one from their sale from In laws, very kind

Please you must not be sending me anything, a Giveaway is a Giveaway and I don't want anything in return, I am glad you liked your goodies, what you could send me though is how things are going with Growing Flowers if you know what I mean, I think of you often and wonder how you are getting on with planning your flower growing from a little bud :)



Bertie Meadows said...

Hello Clare, your patchwork is looking great. How do you stop yourself from re arranging your stars every ten minutes? I would not be able to stop tweaking!
Bertie x

Shabby Chick said...

They look so gorgeous! I think sewing projects like that often evolve as you go along... gets boring when you have to stick to a plan too much! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished article one day :)

Mel xxx

Country Bliss said...

Wow you seem to be doing this one really quickly it's looking great.
Yvonne x

silverpebble said...

Just lovely - I really like the combination of colours and it looks great laid out like that. It's fab watching it all come together. Emma x

Anonymous said...

hi clare, yeah weird that you and diane both stay at ayr camp site! imagine that, we probably all seen each other and never knew it!!