Wednesday, 26 November 2008

show and tell

Did you ever notice how a theme/colour/pattern creeps into your house completely subconsciously and before you know it you are living in the gingerbread house or Graceland!

Its a colour in my case, be it aqua, turquoise, eau de nil, duck egg, cyan, teal.. I'm drawn to it and everything that goes with it!
This is evident in my recent bargain curtain purchase, can you guess where I got them?
Laura Ashley maybe? John Lewis??

Strange how we gravitate towards a colour, although I've just realised that my Mums favourite colour is green and my Grandmas was blue, so mix them together and what do you get??

In case you are still wondering I got my curtains from B&Q!! and a bargain £26!!

Im off now to do some more snuggling as I have a cold (probably due to mass socialization at the weekend). Plus blogger keeps making everything come out bold type and I'm too bunged up to go on!

ps. I have finished my van quilt at least. Watch this space for pics...


ginny said...

that's lovely Clare! both your things and the reason for your blue/green mix... such a very restful colour.
with love
Ginny xx

Simone said...

I love those bluey/green shades too! The photos are great. I am drawn to the jug and the spotty textured vase.

Sal said...

I love the duck egg colour too.
Hope you get rid of that cold very soon ;-)

................................. said...

what lovely little objects you have there, I loooove the little camper van its just like ours but a different colour! thankyou for leaving a comment for me I love reading them every day.
blessings Jan xx

Lisa said...

We need new curtains in our lounge, i feel a trip to B&Q coming on based on your bargain find!
Love the leather armchair, it looks so comfy.
Lisa x

Country Bliss said...

Lovely it reminds me of Spring. Great curtains.
Yvonne x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Such gorgeous photos - the colours are lovely.

Louise said...

I hope you are feeling better today Clare. Our lounge is painted in aqua white and I have lots of this colour and darker blues in my lounge, I must say I like it too. I like your knick-knacks, these would be very much my choice. The curtains are great, why spend a fortune when you don't have too. x

Mary Poppins said...

How gorgeous :) I love the colours you have used very calming and peaceful, I am decorating my Home Sweet Home and am enjoying choosing my pretties, not getting much done though with two children who need to be entertained do you do babysitting Summerfete :)

Mary X

silverpebble said...

That colour is (also) my favourite and my best (to quote Lola from Charlie and Lola). There's rather too much of it in my house, along with pebbles, beach-hut type stuff and tongue and groove. Still, all lovely.

Sorry - am rather behind on bloggy magic. Love the baubles in your next post - I will def. have to try these. Emma x

Mrs Moog said...

Any form of turquoise or aqua is my favourite. Mind you, you'd never know it to look at my house as everything seems to be shades of did that happen? It's too late now as I don't think we can stretch to a total revamp just yet!!

I love your turquoisy pictures. Fab curtains too!