Monday 10 November 2008

past, present, future

My first attempt at patchwork. Pretty ambitious wasn't I!! I cant believe it myself, that I had the patience to hand stitch the entire quilt including all the binding too! As usual I didn't follow a set design or use paper templates, I just winged it. I finally completed it in 2006, it took me 2 years!

It is kingsize which is awesome, however we do battle with it during the night and it generally ends up on the floor, due to over heating, and its too big if its just me that wants it (me being of a cold blooded nature). So ah ha she thinks, another quilt is needed!

Not until I complete the camper van quilt I've been working on this year! So I've finally got some wadding!

The basting of a quilt seems quite a complicated affair, which soon sorts itself out, though not before giving me extra work which I would normally skip due to laziness. When I laid the quilt out I realised you could see the seam allowance on the lighter fabrics.

So I had to double up the fabric under those hexagons, which I'm really glad I did, as you can see below. I also learnt a new skill of how to mitre the the corners of the binding. Gold star to me!

So once the quilt was basted I got down to the quilting, phew, I can see I shall be couching it for a few more weeks yet! You can picture my weekend now which mainly consisted of stitching accompanied by movies sweet charity and from here to eternity and much to my Husbands delight (not) strictly come dancing which I don't normally watch. I think I'm channelling my Grandmas spirit, as dancing was her life and strictly her favourite. Actually my whole family are dance orientated I think it probably goes hand in hand with the dress making, as my Gran used to make ball room dresses and my Mum and Aunt still make costumes, and still dance.

I already have an idea of my next project, it will be a single quilt to go at the end of our bed or to be used by me when I'm cold and the old mans not!

I found this patchwork in an old country living magazine, I love the vintage feel of the colours.

I've managed to find one fabric on ebay and have some left over taffeta from the bedroom curtains.

I also love these quilts from my country quilts book.

So for the next month I shall be feverishly quilting and scouring charity shops/ebay for fabrics.


Simone said...

With your first quilt, considering you 'winged it' you winged it well! I would love to have the patience to make a patchwork quilt. I think the country ones look lovely. I do like your new blog header by the way!

Sal said...

I would never have the patience to do all that... and so I think you've done fantastically well.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Amazing job! Love the new one too. I haven't made a quilt in years but I have got three that I made, two of which are probably 25 years old - they are getting rather faded & worn but still make great picnic blankets! The third one is on our bed right now!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Such gorgeous patchwork. You are very talented.

Country Bliss said...

They're both gorgeous quilts and so neatly done.
Ours always gets chucked on the floor as well!
Yvonne x

Lisa said...

Good luck with your new project, when you get started.
love the colours of your camper van quilt.