Wednesday 16 April 2008

heart to heart

It has come to my attention that this blog has gone a bit gardeny, I suppose this is a good representation of my life and a gives an idea of how sunny its been, obviously I'm in the garden when skies are blue.

So thought I should throw in the odd creative project to keep up the interest of crafty types, not that anyones reading this but me! This door hanger is a proto-type of a range I'm making for girls doors/bedroom/keepsake, using the hand embroidered names shown in a previous post.
I have made one, I'm just deliberating on the stitch/thread to hide the seam. Watch this space...

Thought I'd digress a little more on my friend BB. I first made friends with BB when I happened to be digging out the shady border when the chicks were in the nest. The faster I dug up the worms the faster he became at returning, like a dog with a bone! Not suprising the worm hole soon dried up and I had to tell him no more! The most recent joint venture we share is a grape thrown out the window which is swiftly scooped up and eaten under a shrub (eaten by BB and not me! hehe).

Maybe I should make a softie of BB (toy)?

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