Wednesday 30 April 2008


Okay so its raining, well it is April. I have just realised that I have been a victim today, so I need to snap out of it, nobody cares about a sad sack. So I've decided to decorate the loft room. Like the garden I want to stamp my mark on the house, so everything that was here before us has to go, well maybe not everything..
I've been inspired by this old patchwork remnent and mainly from a room we loved in Santa Monica, which was like a marshmallow dream.
............ The Channel Road Inn~Santa Monica.....................

I have already made white linen curtains and gathered various period accessories to link the new loft room with our 1920s house. I have an old table which I'm hoping will look ok with some elbow grease and a lick of paint, so thats my indoor project whilst it rains and I cant get into the garden.
I had considered making a quilt for the loft, however it is nice to buy new things once and a while! I am going to attempt some cushions made with Cath Kidston 'cut flower' fabric which I think will compliment the colours of the patchwork chair; but also, we have a red retro lamp base which has never found a home, so I'm hoping it will all work.