Thursday 22 September 2011

lost in Austen

 When we set off along the coast path to Hartland Point in Devon.
I had no clue I'd be stumbling into the pages of a Jane Austen book.
 I recognised it straight away as the cottage from the bbc adaptation of
sense and sensibility.
It was a totally stunning surprise.
 I did enjoy the series..however I haven't read the book,
so I'm not entirely sure of how truthful they were to the story.
That said I love this house!
Look at the wonky roof.
 Whats more it sits right on this rugged Devonshire beach,
which I'd already professed to be the most stunning coastline.
 The cottage is Blackpool Mill.
And get this, you can rent it!!!
I can just imagine waking up here in this wondrous isolation..
..I'm just looking for some romantically minded friends to share it with?
 Romance aside.
One shouldn't throw scorn.
 You see, when it rains, this ancient floor becomes 
incredibly slippery.
Just picture me if you will,
somewhere in the middle curled up in a puddle after taking a tumble.
The romantically minded may be thinking..
did I get carried off by a gallant young man?
Or did I spend the next hour trudging through the countryside,
whilst the rain fell like stair rods?
I'll leave it up to you.
I did feel the irony of the Austen connection at the end of the day.
Only I ended up more like Darcy in his wet shirt rather than the 
sensible Elinor Dashwood.
 I feel the need to escape my life right now.
I think I shall hunt down Sense and Sensibility and..
.. once again get lost in Austen.
* stripy jumper H&M


Isisjem said...

Sense and Sensibility is a great read! When you said you got caught in a rain shower I thought you were about to say you got rescued by a gallant type on a horse who saw you were nursed back to health and read you poetry in the parlour to aid your recovery? :-)

Mary said...

Oh my heart aches to see this! Thank you for taking me there :) I love Sense and Sensibility...but what is hiding in your book? Oops - are you missing some patchwork?

Nicky said...

Great book, great author but P&P is my favourite! Recently watched the movie Becoming Jane on BBCiplayer! Bit of several of her books thrown together it seemed!

Simone said...

Stunning views and a wonderful wavy topped cottage! When I read 'unstable cliff keep away from the edge' I had visions of Cliff Richard leaping out at unsuspecting tourists and pushing them over the edge to meet their doom!!! I hope you didn't get too wet after taking a tumble and then getting lost!!! x

Floss said...

Well, I think it looks too cute and humble for the cottage in the book (never saw the series, sadly) because it's clear that what they see as a poor and lowly dwelling is what we would see nowadays as a mini-manor house! But other than that, it's super, and such a lovely find! Enjoy the book - it's my favourite, I think.

Sheila said...

Great post - glad no plaster cast in the last pic.

Diane said...

Nothing like getting lost in a lot of Austen (and I see your patchwork poking out!) Love your jumper Claire. xxxxxxxxx

Pomona said...

I remember that cottage (and my friend's brother had a part, so I remember the production particularly well)! I always wondered where it was, because I so much wanted to stay there - you're a star for discovering it for me! And funnily enough we are off to Hartland for a couple of days very soon - will I find it without directions? Our accommodation is already booked, but I just have to go and take a peek.

Pomona x

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

What a timely post from you ... we are off to Devon in four weeks time and I have NEVER been there before as we always go up North. I am an Austen fan and shall hunt down this house. Would never have thought of it without you reminding me .. thanks!

Lisa said...

What a fab location. Not sure about the falling over and the rain though.
Are you teasing us with the poking out patchwork piece?!
Lisa x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I am hoping for the 'gallant young man' but something tells me it was the 'stair rods'!! :(
Absolutely amazing scenery!

P.S. Just love H&M. :)

Deborah said...

Found your sweet blog today and wanted to say hi! We love North Devon and on a holiday to Woolacombe in July we discovered Hartland for the first time, it is so beautiful out there :) thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Helen Philipps said...

Such a wonderful discovery! I loved that cottage in the production, how amazing to be able to stay there! I love to get 'lost in austen' too, and it's about time I had another re read of one of my favourites. Thanks for a lovely post. Enjoy your weekend.
Helen x

Susan H. said...

Great photos. What a nice surprise on your trip to stumble upon this. So neat!!! Thank you for bringing us there with you. Such a great little "trip" in blogland for me to see this.
xo Susan

Anonymous said...

Very nice place!!! what a lovely cottage it is..

Lyn said...

I believe there is no TV or mobile reception and it was booked up for years i advance when the series was showing!
It does look wonderful though!