Monday 13 December 2010

are you fussy?

Well it seems that I am and I didn't even know!
After seeing the beautiful finished quilt on red pepper quilts
I thought I'd do a bit of stitching on mine.
Back to the fussy stuff,
and by fussy I don't mean fussy eaters.
I cannot abide fussy eaters!
(especially as I have become one of late
and I'm not happy with myself!)
I recently discovered that
fussy cutting is a term used in the
patchwork world for deliberately cutting the fabric 
in such a way as to create a new pattern when stitched together.

Who knew right?
And all this time Ive been blissfully cutting away, 
without the knowledge of just how fussy I was being!

 Even  here on the stars and stripes quilt 
which I made last year.
I cant get over how very un-similar they are!
How tastes change.
Some of my recent colour combinations
scare me!!


Anonymous said...

I like the fussy ones they look just right to me but they must be a nightmare to get 'just so' !
I love the new quilt the colours are great, lots of my favourites in there. :)
Vivienne x

Diane said...

Strange term! Your patchwork looks gorgeous (as ever). Personally, I am the least fussy person I know. How do you "start" to becoma a fussy eater after so long? xxxx

Anonymous said...

Although I've been quilting for a few years I have never, ever tried paper piecing (just assumed you are doing this - looks that way from the photos :) looks like it is a bit fiddly and me + fiddly = lots of swearing!) Your quilts are sooper dooper lovely and I'm loving how your new one is coming along!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

That's very clever. I'd never come across that term before.

potterjotter said...

It is weird how one's colour preferences change - even in the course of a year - mine do too. Is it something to do with the seasons - dunno!

Simone said...

I love your colour combinations of the old and of the new patchwork. I like the fussy and the not-so-fussy too depending on whether or not I am in a fussy mood!!! x

Lynne said...

I think your fussy cutting is great. I've been doing a little of it myself over the weekend. I have now devised a way of getting them the same without too much faffing about. Yours look precise. Love your choice of fabrics.

Lisa said...

Your patchwork colours and patterns are lovely, whatever term you give them!
Just going to sneak quitely away as being one of those fussy eaters.......!
Lisa xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Love your fussy quilts! All of them! That's very clever, how new patterns are created.

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Hi Clare, no it is not the easiest time of year...kind of bittersweet in some way. I have a lot of orange decorations too but the tree wasn't big enough so I stuck mostly with the gold. Good luck finding a tree xxx