Wednesday 19 March 2008

the garden 2007

Today has been sunny so I took the opportunity to dig over my vegetable patch for the hundredth time this year!! I love gardening and have been lucky enough to move to a house with a fairly big garden. This will be my 3rd year at growing organic vegetables. The above picture was last years patch. Which was fairly successful although it was a very wet summer and my first attempt at potatoes ended in blight which is a nasty virus, however I was able to get a good sack full that fed us up until February this year.

I love all aspects of gardening (maybe not grass cutting). My parents have a big garden and have always grown veg, so I guess thats where I get it from. I began in my previous garden with shrubs and sculptural plants with different textures until one day my husband asked why no flowers, well I've never looked back!

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