Monday, 18 August 2008

old and new

I love this blown out nostalgie rose quietly decaying.

From the old to the new~ this is a rosebud from my new very pink Gertrude Jekyll rose. This is the second flush, the first blooms were ruined by the heavy rain we had back in June.

I've had to pick all our apples this morning due to an influx of wasps, the poor tree looks quite naked! Its a discovery apple which is meant to be an eater, though like most fruit I grow they are a little tarte. So last night I tried cooking some with last years blackberries et voila cest magnifique! No added sugar! Unless you count the ambrosia custard!

And the new~ at long last my squash has a flower. I know this is pretty late for a reasonable sized squash to develop, though its been an odd year again so I live in hope!

My outdoor tomatoes are somewhere between old and new. They are struggling with this not sunny summer. After gardeners world on Friday they mentioned to go for a tomato that ripens early, these are gardeners delight and I'm not sure they will all ripen. So a note for next year will be to grow early ripening tomatoes and blight resistant potatoes.


Simone said...

Your plants look very healthy. My dad used to take his unripened tomatoes and ripen them up indoors halfway up the window on the ledge. You can also make pickled green tomatoes with the ones that do not ripen up!

Sal said...

It all looks gorgeous.The rose is beautiful.You can't beat home grown tomatoes;-)

Roseberry Crafts said...

Yup, my toms are in exactly the same state. My strawbs are rotting because it's so wet and everything else is just about surviving but far from thriving. Isn't it miserable!