Thursday, 7 August 2008

birds and the bees

The closest I could get to the fabulous peacock butterfly and just when I was going to mention the lack of butterflies this year.
Following on the buzz theme; yesterday was a day of wildlife encounters. I opened my backdoor to a resting homing pigeon which took a fancy to my home, I know its a homing pigeon but come on! Whats the attraction in my kitchen this year, first a blackbird then a pigeon. And it left me a little present too! I did take a picture but thought it a little to crude for this fine blog.

Next a bumble bee landed on my tummy.
Whilst making lunch I was joined by two wasps in the kitchen and later on a wasp landed on my leg! I have noticed whilst the butterflies are in declined the wasps certainly are not. I suppose if I grow plants to attract bees I will attract the wasps too. We have to live with all of nature including creatures we don't really want to see, just like living with the sparrows who pecked holes in all my apples; they don't know the apples are for human consumption!

This is one of the good ones! This apple is 'discovery' an early one, we've not really had a proper taste yet as we've only had the tree 2 years. My veg plot is still producing, the raspberries are romping away especially for autumn raspberries? My latest game is hunt the raspberry, as they hide under leaves you really have to get down and have a good look!

My first ever proper onions from seed are gradually growing, so far they are the size of a golf ball.
I've not had to buy any potatoes for a while and we've been eating carrots now also. Year on year my carrots are improving, its my goal to produce a row of top quality carrots. The first year I had mainly amusingly shaped carrots as the ground was stony and too hard for the root to form. This year I've grown them in my newly built trough and so far I've been happy and the taste is amazing (all organic of course).

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