Friday, 22 August 2008

bring me sunshine

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine that I ordered yesterday. I'm on tomato watch, and no its nothing to do with Bill Oddie. No I am watching and waiting for the first red tomato. Oh no its just started raining and I've washed towels too!! Its my daily ritual to wander down to my veggies to see whats going on and to check out my tomatoes. I lost all my tomatoes last year to blight which affects tomatoes as well as potatoes as they are from the same family.

Here are just some of my 37 leeks that I'm hoping will see me through the winter unlike my gigantic squash plant which is yet to fruit!

Will someone tell mr and mrs puffball that its not autumn yet!!

Lastly, can anyone tell me what this plant is sneaking through the fence? I think its random turn up is just lovely, is it some kind of clematis?


Simone said...

O.K. Mr and Mrs Puffball it is not autumn yet! I do not know what the pink flower is but it is very pretty!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

The pink flower looks more like a fuschia variety?

this is my patch said...

The plant does look fuchsia like, I love the colour of the leaves. I wish it was growing through our fence instead of boring old ivy. x

summerfete said...

I did think too that it could be a fuchsia. I shall have to ask my neighbour.