Wednesday, 2 November 2011

winning wednseday

 I have a new book for my bookcase!
A few months back I won a giveaway hosted by
It's a really well researched book with lots of great information,
which I'm sure I will be thumbing through next year.
So thank you Pomona for your giveaway,
and thank you Linda for an inspiring guide on lovely places to stay 
here in our beautiful country!


Mary said...

Ahhh....just the cover alone looks so inviting! Congrats, Clare! Have fun dreaming of beautiful places to visit :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

You'll have lots of fun planning trips. :)
Vivienne x

Lisa said...

Nice new book to add to your collection. Have you eaten all that candy yet? I wondered if it was hard or soft when I've seen pics on it.
Are you still ok for tomorrow? Over here, in town, Shirley? Let me know.
Lisa x

Simone said...

I want to stay on the front cover!!! Lovely selection of travel books. Sadly I just have to dream of faraway places rather than actually go there! x

Deb said...

If you want to sleep under a home made quilt and eat my famous chocolate chip cookies, there will always be a bed for you here in Christchurch. We may be changed but we are still here!!