Monday, 14 November 2011

happy mondays

 Like the return of the happy mondays
I had a reunion on Saturday night with the old me and the dungeon*
 I channelled the inner goth in me...
 ...and went back to my roots... some good old fashioned grunge.

Fashion and music come and go..
but cut me in half and I will always read
rock chick
through and through.

polka dot bow top ~ dorothy perkins sale £15 (2011)
biker boots ~ vintage dune**
alternative attitude ~ models own

**for future reference
my use of the word vintage regarding my fashion
generally means something I have in my wardrobe that is more than a year old,
and quite possibly purchased in a sale.
ammendment also includes clothing I've had for many years!

*the dungeon
nightclub/meeting place for people who enjoy different.
not a place where people get locked up
though now I mention it......


Laura @ Needles, Pins and Baking Tins said...

I too channel rock chick internally. Love your look today :-) The top is really cute! Is it current?

Simone said...

Hi there rock chick! If your vintage means fashion that has been in your wardrobe for a year then my fashion is prehistoric!!! I love your photos today - very designer. x

Mary said...

Love the look, Clare!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I LOVE the boots!!
You just can't buy alternative attitude, can you. ;)
Vivienne x

Nicky said...

Great pair of legs - mine are sadly more vintage and not so shapely! You rock!

Lisa said...

Love the dotty top. You always look good.
Lisa x

**Anne** said...

Loving this post, your photos are so artistic.
Anne xx

Patchwork and Play said...

Ha! Ha! Most of my clothes must be vintage, using your definition!

Diane said...

Vintage more than a year old??? I don't think I have many things LESS than a year old! You always look like a Boden model to me. xxxxxxx

ginny said...

love your top/dress. it is good to have reunions with our old selves. they are still in there but sometimes fogotton. hope you had a fabulous time x
ginny x