Monday, 31 October 2011

candy girl

Happy Halloween!
Candy corn from across the pond!!
I have had the wonderful fortune of finding a kindred spirit
this summer who goes under the guise of Molly Flanders.
And look what she has sent me all the way from the USA,
thanks Mary you're sew sweet!
If you are into patchwork I'm sure you have already delighted in her wonderful
piecing and hand quilting, but if you haven't do pop over,
you won't be sorry.

These candies are like tiny pieces of fudge,
though my husband thought they looked like a bag of pulled teeth!!

And that's where I'll end this.
Have a ghoulish day!


crafts@home said...

You lucky, lucky thing.... I adore candy corn :)
Sue Xxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Yum, they do look good, even better now I know they're fudge!
Happy Halloween,
Vivienne x

Homebird said...

I tried and tried to find Candy Corn over here but think next year I will have to order some. I've never had it and often wondered what it's taste and consistency was like. It looks so pretty. Happy Halloween xx

Simone said...

Lucky you! I love candy corn and buy it from a shop in London called cybercandy. They sold out this week so I had to buy mini pumpkin heads instead!!! Enjoy your sweeties, sweetie!!!

Mary said...

Sweets for the sweet :)

...julia... said...

Mary was telling me she was sending these! They are a funny little candy but so addicting! Enjoy!

Happy Sewing!
Blue-J Cottage

Keepapi Creative said...

hiya! Just voted for you over at Dorset Cereals. So excited to see you were there when I went on their website. Good luck! x

greenthumb said...

We don't get cany corn in Australia, never thought it wood tast like fudge.