Monday, 7 November 2011

material possessions

I love fabric.
However I don't really purchase a whole lot.
Now that my struggle is over, I felt I deserved an unashamed
bit of comfort purchasing!
I don't have much in the way of red,
and I'm really fancying a red and white quilt.
How cute is this!!!
They had it in blue too.
I'm not into any designers,
I just buy what I like.
I'm not interested in the newest thing,
sewing isn't a competition for heavens sake!
I chose fabrics that I really loved,
instead of ones on sale.
 Oh how did that turquoise piece sneak in?
These came from fabric rehab who are a UK based company.
I thought rehab was a place where you went to get clean?!?
If you have a serious habit or maybe just want to have a peep,
pop over, they have a great selection.
If you follow on facebook they sometimes have special offers.
I got 10% off my order.

If i've not managed to thank you for commenting on my quilt festival post,
It was amazing, all the links can be found here

Also hello to my new followers, I'm really glad to meet you.
I have 297 only 3 more to 300!!


BaileyGirl5 said...

Beautiful fabrics and good luck on your new journey. I can just tell that you are on a positive track ....

Julia said...

Oooh gorgeous! Im very inspired by your choices, thank you for the link too - I think I may be purchasing some of that gorgeous turquoise fabric, it would line a crocheted bag nicely! Much love to you
Julia x x x

Mary said...

These are gorgeous! I love red and white....the bit of turquoise is lovely. I am so glad it found it's way home with you :) I can't wait to see the design you choose for this red and white may start a whole new movement!

Diane said...

Awesome fabric! I'll have to take a look. xxxxx

Simone said...

Lovely fabric Claire. You deserve to have nice things.x

Annette said...

Oh no. Another fantastic fabric shop to shop around in. Thank you so much for sharing. I love the shop, more European in its style. I usually shop on US online shops or Etsy. Have been searching for something more Scandinavian or Dutch in its style and here we go - perfect! And I just spent lots of money on fabric recently. How am I now gonna justify another big shopping spree... Love your stash. Looks very seductive. I am a sucker for red. White. Blue. Flowers. Dots. Folklore style... And what a fab chair. Love everything about this post. Lucky girl!

Poppy said...

I can't wait to see it! The fabric is stunning....

Lou xxx

lavender attic said...

Hi Clare
Good for you, a girl can never have enough fabric. Will have a look at fabric rehab, have never bought fabric from them. Take care x

bears footprints said...

loving the fabrics, i really like that owl one, i really should look at fabric rehab ive had quick looks because everything looks so fab x

Patchwork and Play said...

What lovely fabric you have chosen! I love that you buy what you like! I knew nothing of designers until quite recently! This bundle is going to make a wonderful quilt!

dosierosie said...

You have excellent taste in fabrics my friend.

Janine said...

I love your fabric choices. Red and white quilts are my all time favourite but I've yet to make one :)

Penelope said...

beautiful reds, I love the owls especially. I love fabric too and feel inspired for a bit of "rehab" for myself too! Lovely blog by the way, very inspiring xox

VivJM said...

Wow, great fabric. And I so agree with "I'm not into any designers,
I just buy what I like." Hear hear!

Catherine said...

I love your fabric choices, all very fresh. I am hopless at designer fabrics, I don't know one from the other: works out much cheaper that way!

Lisa said...

You buying turquoise, how unusual!
Lovea ll the fabrics, what's the latest creation going to be?
Lisa x