Friday, 4 November 2011

fresh air friday

 I thought todays post might not happen,
what with all the rain.
But I've managed to take a few snaps between the showers.
 I have been lusting after a garden obelisk,
and now thanks to the wonderfully skilled Mr. Fete
I have one!!!
In fact he spent a fair part of sunday bending metal and the like!
I think it's awesome
thank you dear.
I can't wait for it to turn rusty and ancient looking!
I've tied my gertrude jekyll rose around it,
as she needs the support.
Roll on summer!!
 Fennel not just good for feeding the birds....?
I shall once more wish you all a wonderful wintery walking weekend!
And leave you with the beautiful silver birch.
(Mr Fetes tree)


Dotty Peach said...

Beautiful pictures, especially the rose, wonderful x

andamento said...

I like the rose too, and also the heart shaped light patch (or whatever the opposite of shadow is!) on the trunk in the 1st photo.

Mary said...

You put on the tea and I will come sit in your garden with you :)

Patchwork and Play said...

Lovely lovely photos Clare! I'm almost there with you!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a beautiful rose!
I think you're getting the rain we had yesterday, it was very beautiful here today, perhaps you'll get that tomorrow. :)
Happy weekend Clare,
Vivienne x

**Anne** said...

Your garden obelisk is gorgeous. Well done to Mr Fete for making you one.
Your garden is looking beautiful!
Anne xx

greenthumb said...

Not so cold here about 30 today, love the photo of the rose.

Lisa said...

Clever, clever Mr S. Love it!
Lisa x