Wednesday, 25 May 2011

wednesday workshop - easy sugar flowers

Now for something completely different!
As promised when I learn a new skill I like to pass it on.
Especially one so simple yet so stunning.
I am lucky enough to have a friend who is learning
all things cakey.
She lent me her tools of the trade,
thanks Rachel.
These really did help me,
though I imagine you could find the equivalent
if you rummage about the house.
I used Squires sugar florist paste, 
which is suitable for making flowers
as it dries rock hard.
Available at your local cake shop,
as is the gold dust.
Warm up some sugar paste in your hands,
keeping the rest in the sealed bag,
dust your surface with cornflour,
roll out thinly
(I think I made mine a bit thick)
cut out your flower.
Here is where a pallet knife comes in handy to scoop them up.
Then use a round ended tool
to gently press out the petals one at a time.
You will find if you drag into the centre this will form a flower shape.
To help keep their form, or to mould them more
I used an egg box to hold them in until they were dry,
which took about a day, 
though they begin to harden straight away.
Here is the bigger flower,
which is like a dog rose.
Before the flowers were dry I added the centre pieces
which I stuck on with water.
Using the gold dust mixed with vodka/alcohol
I used a paintbrush to apply it to the edges and the centres.
I did have an issue with the gold tarnishing,
so I had to re-paint on the day.
There are lots of gorgeous colours to choose from,
just imagine pink or red...
The cakes were ordered from M&S
and the colour match was really good.
I used royal icing from a packet
to glue the flowers on,
just make it nice and thick so you don't get any sliders
As you know I was copying a 50 year old design
hence the bells.
Which I also made using a bell mould, 
and the 50 was made using my Nigella cookie cutters
With help from Rachel and you tube,
I found making this a dream,
I could spend all day making sugar flowers
its so relaxing!!
And believe me it really is that simple.
I did this myself because I had
a bad experience in a cake shop,
where the assistant said it would cost me £300!!!
Well I don't think we would have been happy
especially with her uninterested attitude.
I'm glad..I think I made a good job!
The cost of this two tiered cake plus two extra cutting cakes was approx £80.
(incl decorations)
I can highly recommend M&S cakes to
very yummy...

ps. anyone want any flowers made let me know!!


littlemissmk said...

the flowers are so dainty and beautiful- yay for you for making them yourself! :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Ha, I may take you up on that!!
The cake looked wonderful and what a great idea to replicate the original one.
I have to admit making the flowers does look like fun!
Well done on a great job. :)
Vivienne x

marble rose said...

Oh wow - beautiful - I'm inspired - my daughter's communion is coming up - so is your cake a copy of their wedding cake?


Serenata said...

You've made such a lovely job of this cake. Looks very complicated to me, even though your instructions are easy to follow!

Catherine said...

your cake looks fantastic and it was really interesting to see how you made the flowers - thanks for sharing!

Nicky said...

Your flowers are lovely - you make it sound so easy....I didn't know M&S would make a cake to order - that's the bit I don't like as mine are more like pancakes! Heehee!

Simone said...

Thank you for the sugarcrafty advice Clare! I think having the right tools makes all the difference! I bet your cake could rival the £300.00 shop bought one! x

gillyflower said...

Clare you are so multi-talented!
Love the little flowers, they make the cake look beautiful, well done!
Thankyou for sharing the "how to"!
Gill x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How special that you replicated the original cake. Your little flowers are lovely - thanks for sharing the "how to".