Friday, 6 May 2011

fresh air friday

Some blooms for my readers!

Well I'm still here!!
You can't really get more original then horticulture.

Looks like I'm not off the hook blog wise,
I've won an appearance on Lynnes blog
Tres excitement!
A chance to show some individuality!

ps. I loved every one of your comments.
A bit of a wobble there, sorry.
I think the conforming worry came from reading
so many similar blogs.
You've given me a boost.


Diane said...

Glad youve got a grip!!! I can't do without my patchwork inspiration! Lovely garden - coming along nicely - hope it doesnt get ruined by the weekend weather. I'll try and get a photo for you this weekend of the Edwardian/victorian (and this weekend Tudor) Ruth thingy - I know she is one of your favourite people. xxxxxxxxxx

Juliab said...

So glad you're still here! I know what you mean about conforming, but I like to think of my blog as an online record of what's going on in my life and if anyone wants to read it, then fair enough. It's nice to look back at old posts and see how much has changed. Keep posting. x

Hen said...

Wow, your lupins are big already! The blue ones are so lovely. I'm thrilled to see the pink one I planted last year has come back and has some buds - usually they succumb to the dreaded snails. Fingers crossed. Have a great weekend.
Hen x

Simone said...

Glad you have stopped wobbling! I worry about not being original enough but we can't help it if our likes and interests coincide with others can we?! Enjoy your day in the graden with your lovely plants. I am sure that Monty will brighten your day even more later! x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What beautiful photos! I love the bleeding heart - I have one in the same colour and I always love showing it to visiting kids as it is so interesting and its name is so descriptive!

**Anne** said...

Beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing.
Anne xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

So glad you're back! :)
Gorgeous flowers, the lupins are coming on in leaps and bounds, I've so many out now! Your allium is beautiful too!
Have a great weekend Clare!
Vivienne x

potterjotter said...

I missed your wobble as I was away, so will just carry on as normal and pretend you never did. Beautiful flowers ... you are obviously having a bluey/purpley moment there!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Glad you're still here! Lovely flower pics - my lupins are way behind yours! Have a great weekend! Abby x

Nattie said...

Bloomin marvellous pictures ( sorry just had too! ) this time of year is so exciting, I forget what flowers I have in the garden until they pop up and burst into colour......happy weekend to you
Nattie x

Lisa said...

Your garden is looking splendifourous! Congrats on thw win.
Hope the rain doesn't dampen your weekend.
Lisa x

Pomona said...

Can't believe how far ahead your flowers are - it is very dry here, but the north winds have kept everything cool, I think!

Diane said...

I posted you a most special photo on my post today - I hope you are not too scared!!! (Actually, she was really nice and friendly, and very knowledgable, but every time she spoke to me, I thought of you!!!)

Michela said...

Amazing pictures of your garden!

Aunty Bee said...

It's funny but I love your blog because you are different to me. Younger, funnier and not afraid to take chances with your patchwork, I'm stuck in the past with my patchwork. Have a wobble then get back on the blog, because I for one would miss you and your world.

Lynne said...

Love your blooms. I need a clematis or two here I think. I have some lupins coming up that I have grown from seed.
I'm always wowed whenever I see your quilt at the top of your sidebar. It takes my breath away.

annmarie said...

What GREAT flwoer pics - thanks.