Monday, 23 May 2011

almost a quilt

Here at last is a sneak peek at the quilt
very nearly a full functioning bed adornment.
 I really didn't enjoy the number of hours it took me to remove the papers,
though their flights of fancy round the garden amused me.
 I have to say I've never enjoyed a good iron so much!
And if I could I would have left this top as flat as a pancake,
but needs must.

 I have backed it with a piece of old duvet.
Before any one wants to lecture me on the
rules of quilting,
(I've had this happen)
I would like to say that quilts 
were originally made from recycling old unusable fabric,
there were no 'quilt shops' back in the olden days.
I like using one whole piece of backing,
I'm not into back piecing,
for one who's going to see it?
and two I've just made the quilt top,
you really think I want to make a back piece?!
I remembered this old duvet cover that we stopped using,
it's fine, it's recycling it's turquoise and it didn't cost me a penny!
Okay I'm done..I thankyou.
 When basting I need the television!
It's too uncomfortable and dull not to have 
some kind of distraction.
Mine was a recorded programme
about British landscape artists,
I love art and I've decided to gain more
arty knowledge this year,
I may even go back to college.
 Anyway with the Augustus John thing on
I began.
Wadding wise I am using
heirloom 80% cotton 20% polyester.
(the lemon meringue sample)
First I pinned with safety pins,
then tacked it together with thread,
folding it over as I sewed.
 With the pins removed I got on to quilting.
And here we have the dilemma.
After many hours of research I came up with a
straight line..
Before you all gasp in horror,
(believe me I've done a lot of gasping)
let me give my reasoning, before casting judgement on my wicked ways.
 1. This is my first big attempt at machine quilting
2. I am still very much a novice
3. I had a stinking cold, 
so not entirely responsible for my actions
4. I'm a lazy a@s
5. The real reason:
after basting I found a few seams had pulled apart,
due to 
some rubbish sewing!
 the vintage/new mix of fabrics.
I felt it all needed some secure quilting,
I fear this quilt is a little fragile
and certainly will never be machine washed!
 So here it is..
I do feel a bit peeved annoyed
with myself, for not waiting.
But you know when the moment takes you,
even with a fuzzy head full of cold.
I think with the reasons I've given 
I should be able to forgive myself.
And at the end of the day it's still a nice quilt.
So I was going to sew diagonals the other way too,
what do you think?
I'm swaying right now.
Just binding left now,
I think it has to be turquoise or white,
I'm not sure?
I'd love to know what you think?

If you love this quilt pattern 
there is a group on flickr
if you would like to see more.
Jessica from life under quilts
is writing an update this week and is also sewing an awesome
hand pieced quilt!


Anonymous said...

That's the only thing that puts me off hand sewing a quilt - my hand sewing is really crap and I know it would come undone - plus I know deep down that I like to use my machine as it's faster.

I think using the old duvet is great - I've used old sheets in the past for my backing - it's so much easier than having to piece bits of fabric together which just gets on my nerves to be honest.

Laura Jane said...

Clare, it looks amazing. Well done you! And the quilting really sets off the pattern. I say just keep the one set of lines, and go for a plainish binding. Maybe a stripe? Lx

Nattie said...

Looks wonderful, am in awe!
nattie x

Peeriemoot said...

It looks great :-).

Diane said...

I applaud you for recycling your old quilt - it looks stunning!! Hope your cold is getting better.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well firstly Clare, I think you're a bit hard on yourself, it's not just a 'nice' quilt, it's an amazing quilt! I'm completely in awe of it, I just love the photo of it hanging over the bannister!
I think a white binding would be great as it would frame what is a work of art!
Vivienne x

Mary said... have convinced me that I must make this quilt! This is a fantastic quilt - I can't tell you how much I love it! Good for you using the duvet cover and for the straight line stitching. It looks perfect. I would go with the blue {turquoise} for the binding :) Love it!

andamento said...

I think it's fabulous! As I said I've done a little hand piecing so well appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this.
Do some people really mind what others use to back their quilts, odd!
Initially I'd have voted for going ahead with sewing the other diagonals but I'm swaying too now, perhaps it might break it up a little as it is a nice effect at the moment. Decisions, decisions! Whatever you decide it is still a fantastic piece of work and a great achievement, beautiful!
PS I like the idea of turquoise binding.

Serenata said...

I think straight line is just fine and dandy and suits it well. Nothing wrong with backing it with an recycled quilt, I used a vintage sheet for one of mine and a blanket for the wadding!

Looking pretty jolly good I'd say.

Jodi said...

Oh, how you made me laugh this morning! I especially like number 4: "I'm a lazy a*s"! that's me to a T, unfortunately! Plus I'm always in a huge hurry, for some crazy reason! Your quilt looks wonderful, as well as the backing. I would go with, I think you mentioned aqua for the binding, not the white, in my very humble opinion.

Bobo Bun said...

Stunning quilt. All those hours gone into it. I'm trying to get the patience to have a proper go as I fall in love with all the quilts I see out there. I'd go for turquoise if it was me. Wonder which you'll pick.

Really really beautiful quilt Clare.


BaileyGirl5 said...

This is an amazing quilt! I'm totally awed by all that handpiecing and how beautiful it turned out. The quilting looks great and I'd leave it just as it is .... perfect!

Funny, I never heard of anyone worried about what others use for a back either. I usually try to just piece together all my scraps and leftover hunks of fabric.

In Awe of Applique said...

Clare~ultimately, the only one who has to be happy with the quilt is you...but judging from your pictures, it's absolutely adoreable!!! And how does one learn to machine quilt if you don't make a few mistakes along the way? Trust me...I have a couple of quilts that will never be hung in a quilt show, but they are lovingly slept under just the same...I say BRAVO, you did a wonderful job!!

In Awe of Applique said...

Clare~ I absolutely adore your quilt!!! BRAVO for you to think outside the box and reuse one backing for another...make no excuses for anything! I have machine quilted at least a half a dozen quilts in the last couple of years and I learn something new and wish I had done things differently every time and though they might have a pucker here and there, they are lovingly slept under just the same!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow, so wonderful! This is such an exciting quilt!!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Looks really fab!! Well done. Great idea to recycle the old duvet. Maybe have a turquoise binding rather than white, if its going to be hassley to wash? Abby x

Nicky said...

Fantastic quilt - I would be so proud if I had made it. You go ahead and do what you think is right - it's your quilt! We need more recyclers to clean up this planet - if it's pre-used it's also softer and cuddlier...

Jenny said...

Clare, it is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I would leave the quilting as is, you don't need a diagonal. Can't wait to see the finished product. Great job!!

Pomona said...

It looks lovely! Perhaps as you won't want to wash it, coloured binding will show the dirt less than white?

Pomona x

Cyndi said...

First, let me say you have the most supportive readers and I LOVE it. Next, I agree with everyone else -- we throw away too many perfectly good things and using the duvet is a great recycling. Plus I love the feel of much loved fabric. I learned to quilt from my Grandmother, who only used recycled fabric, batting and backing. I don't think she was being "green", just a product of the depression. I've done machine quilting, hand quilting, tying off and combinations of all the above. Regardless of how they are done, my children and grandchildren love them and all call them their Nana blankies. I love your blog and can't wait for each installment. If I ever traveled to England, I'd love to sit in your garden as it's completely enchanting!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Your quilt looks wonderful! I'm working on a king size EPP if I can survive that long lol. I plan to free motion quilt mine because I am worried about the seams coming undone. I plan on quilting to within an inch of it's life lol.

I ignore the quilt police and do whatever works for me and the quilt I am working on.

How about trying a fauz piping binding? White for the piping and turquoise for the binding.

Danielle said...

the quilt is perfect - I love it - I bought the paper diamonds after seeing the quilt on your blog a while back. ps one of the best quilts I've made was backed with an old flannelette sheet.

greenthumb said...

What a awesome job you did. I say make it how you want.

Lynelle Slade said...

I love paper-piecing and I think it lends itself to using a recycled piece for the backing!
As for quilt the end of the day this is your hobby right? As long as you enjoy what you are making don't worry to much about what other people say.
Anyway binding, what about a nice little turquoise and white stripe?

Country Girl said...

Amazing - what patience you must have, it looks gorgeous.

Keepapi Creative said...

Wow, it looks fantastic! Well done. I too am in awe. hugs, Jacs x

Karen Lizzie said...

Three cheers for you making your quilt your way. I upset the purists by using fleece blankets to back you quilt, no need for batting and nice and cosy on the back - lightweight and easy to machine wash too.

Your quilting looks fine to me too. I think quilts should be for using not for hanging up as art. If the quilting you did suits you and your needs then go for it.

potterjotter said...

Well, of course, it is just amazing! I quite like just the lines as they are - maybe it would look a bit busy if you did 'em the otherway too ... but then, maybe that would REALLY hold the thing together for all eternity? What do I know.

Jopsy said...

Hello-only found your blog recently, i'm a newer quilter-started last aututmn. sat a home with Wom-man flu atm; but may need to finish a few quilty pieces...before i attempt something more like your! love it-thank you!

littlemissmk said...

found your blog recently through lilly's quilts- so glad i did. i'm running across all these british blogs and they are all so cool it makes me want to be british- haha. hey i lived in scotland for 6 months, can i be an honorary brit? wink, wink. anyway, this quilt is *amazing.* so happy and cheerful. and go you for hand sewing. and i LOVE your soapbox- i say use whats on hand and available and FREE! :) thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Jessica said...

I love this post, you make me laugh! and the photo of you basting is just darling. if I were you, i'd frame it.

CharlotteP said...

At the end of the day it's not a 'nice''s a BEAUTIFUL quilt, and the used duvet will make a perfect backing, soft but tough.

Jules said...

I absolutely love this quilt, love the backing too, I often use duvet covers and am with you with the old quilters recycling and using what they the quilting too, I find simle quilting allows the lovely piecing to speak for itself and not become overwhelmed with it.......fantastic job :)