Thursday, 19 May 2011

summer of love v summer cold

Good morning folks.
The sun has returned which is cheering me up no end.
I'm pretty sure I have a cold,
I'm not totally convinced,
it could be hay fever.
Though I'm taking tablets and I still feel rough!
Apparently it's a bad year for allergies.
With the celebrations and the doings past
I can concentrate (a little) on the quilt.
Oh geez
let me tell you
the taking out of the papers is 
draining my will to live!!


Stacey said...

yes but isn't it worth need to channel how fab the quilt will look as you are sewing on the binding...and the paper removal will be just a hazy memory!

Simone said...

Get well soon Clare! I bet I would enjoy taking out the papers from the patchwork. Sometimes I get much joy from the mundane!!! x

Mary said...

Clare, this is so lovely! I have to tell you how my heart skips a beat when I see it!!! Sorry about the allergies - they are not fun :(

Mister D said...

Bring on the sun - enjoyed your photos

Vintage Tea Time said...

Beautiful quilt. Hope the cold / hayfever goes soon. Abby x

Floss said...

It's going to be great, though! I have a quilt story on my blog at the moment...

Get well soon. I've loved your last few posts although I didn't have the time to comment. Now Son 1 and I are both off school/work with a 'dizzy' lurgy of some sort, so I'm taking a bit of time to catch up!

Serenata said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Clare. Glad you are having some time with your quilt, even if it is draining taking the papers out! Somebody suggested punching a hole in the paper before sewing so that you can then just hook it out when you need to remove it. Don't know if this makes it easier?

Glad you liked our robins! :-)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The quilt is amazing! Get well soon xx

dosierosie said...

looks great, hope you feel better soon.

Nicky said...

Keep going you are doing so well! Not nice that you are not feeling good - hope you feel revived soon. I started getting hayfever when I moved house 18 years ago - I sympathise!

gillyflower said...

Clare, I love this quilt of yours!
The colours are so beautiful!
Hope you are feeling better.
Gill x