Monday, 16 May 2011

to have and to hold..

It is with much happiness that I can announce 
a 50th wedding anniversary!
My husbands lovely parents 
Pat and Ron,
whom we celebrated with on Saturday night.
Maybe not the best picture,
(a few too many beers perhaps!)
but this ladys is wearing one of
the original bridesmaid dresses
made by Pats Mum.
Its very fifties stylewise
amazing really that it's survived in perfect 
condition after 50 years!
 So this is their surprise cake I've been toiling over
for the past few weeks.
I wanted to emulate their original cake,
I think with a bit of artistic licence,
I pulled it off.
 I made all the decorations,
M&S made the cakes!
(I can highly recommend them)
 I shall be posting how I made these
easy flowers at a later date.
 Here are the biscuits I made.
The zero at the top is the only one that got an iced squiggle...
..two hours later and here they are all wrapped!
After fifty years together
what a blessing they found each other 
all those years ago..
..a bit like me and the squiggle cookie!!!
Out of 70 this is the one I received.
I just cant get away from different can I!!

Many Congratulations to all celebrating anniversaries
may you one day be celebrating fifty fabulous years
together too!


Simone said...

Happy Anniversary to Pat and Ron!!! Well done on the cake Clare, and the biscuits, I bet they were thrilled with what you made for them.

Diane said...

Happy Anniversary - its a great love story. xxxxx

Lisa said...

Another fab skill you have there! They must have been thrilled with the cake and I bet everyone loved their biscuits.
Lisa x

Juliab said...

Sounds like you all had a fantastic time and Pat and Ron look so pleased with the cake - it's amazing. Trust you to get the squiggle biscuit! x

BaileyGirl5 said...

Those cookies are a fantastic idea! So festive and fun .... and they look delicious!!

Boxoftrix said...

Wow well done to Pat & Ron! and what a beautiful cake I too used 3 M&S cakes for my own wedding cake and your right totally recomendable, beautiful cakes that taste delicious! Your flower decorations are adorable and I love the biscuit favours, fab !!!


Erica said...

Such a sweet story. I so love that photo of the lady in the bridesmaids dress, -she is proper going for it & looks completely unselfconcious. x

Catherine said...

I saw these cakes today in M&S and thought what a fab idea they were.
Your icing is amazing and to have done all those biscuits too..... well done, I bet they loved it

VintageVicki said...

Congratulations to them - that is one wonderful achievement :)

Love, Love, Love said...

It looks lovely; what a great way to mark a special day x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Wonderful cake and fab biscuits - clever you! Happy Anniversary to them. Abby x

potterjotter said...

What a simple and really effective idea - the little bikkies! And the cake! Clare, is there no end to your talents! You did 'em proud.

Beth said...

The cookies and cake look great! And what a lovely post, I'd LOVE to get hold of some of the bridesmaid dresses from my Mother's Wedding, sadly they are long gone (although her homemade wedding dress is still there). Beth/The Linen Cat :)

gillyflower said...

Happy 50th to Pat and Ron - well done!!
Fantastic decorations on the cake, and the cookies are brilliant!
Gill xx