Monday, 21 February 2011

mo-hare monday and my top 5 memories of the 80s

  I know I said I was done with critters..
..I just had to get this one out of my system.
 Before anyone leaps in with 
omg whats that hideous thing she's wearing..
omg whats that gorgeous thing she's wearing!
It's a 'my Mum' vintage 
knitted for me in the 80s.
..said through 13 year old gritted teeth..
'it's not itchy at all Mum!'
I was going to unpick it and use the thread but I don't thing I can..
oh the nostalgia (and the talent!)
So 30 pence lighter and here we have Mo.
 He is from the amigurumi book..
mentioned here
me like mohair to crochet with?
not so much!
As I've mentioned the 80s in this post here are my
top five
childhood memories from the 80s
(an homage to High Fidelity by Nick Hornby)

5. wearing my first kitten heels...
and making them sound like stilettos!

4. it's blind date...and here is your host Mrs Cilla Black!

3. pot noodle and a can of quattro,
Saturdays didn't get any better than that!

2. smoke machines (that smelt like raspberry)
and strobe lights at discos.

1. wearing blue mascara in church as a girl guide..
what a rebel!

ps* I will not be wearing the vintage mohair it's far too outdated itchy!!

Okay so I wasnt sure if Mo was cute or just darn scary?
My husband just came home and he is definitely erring on the side of scary!
Wasn't there a film attack of the killer bunnies??
She says making the psycho 'eek eek eek' noise


Vintage Tea Time said...

That Mo's very sweet! And - er - the jumper...a lot of work went into that (my girl!)... Love the mascara-wearing Girl Guide info!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well all I can say is well done you for still getting into a sweater you wore at 13, itchy or not!!!!
I loved the eighties, the hair, the make-up, the music, the age I was then!!!
I also love mohair and
Mo-Hare, very cute. :)
Vivienne x

Devon Dumpling said...

Ha ha...oh the memories....mine are very similar. The first pair of heeled shoues when I was about nine, the itchy cadris knitted by my Nan, chicken and mushroom pot needle (with the exotic sachet of say sauce) and the smoke machine which I love the smell of to this day!
I love your cute!
Hannah xx
PS - thanks for the lovely comment; I have answered it on my blog x

Anonymous said...

Lol!! Quattro! What a great drink that was! A complete blast from the past - I had forgotten about it but I remember distinctly now the white can with the four coloured squares on the front!

Do you remember Toasted Cheese flavour Walkers Crisps - the packet was a yellow colour? They weren't out for very long but I used to love them and bought a packet every day on the way to school - I think they used to be about 12p for a packet then instead of the ludicrous price that are charged for them now.

Other such lovely purchases on the way to school included Tangy Toms, Onion Rings, Wham Bars, Rainbow Drops, kola kubes and tons of other lovely things you could buy for 10p. 10p seemed to stretch forever in those days - now you can't get a thing for 10p :(

Victoria said...

That was my favourite pattern in that book but I could never get the things I made from it to look like the pictures. Crocheting with mohair is not so good, I agree. Impossible to pull back if you make a mistake. Love the 80's - was the blue mascara by Miners by any chance?

Teacups and Tiskets said...

The memories!

Ah, yes, Mrs. Cilla Black.

I am remembering one of the songs she used to sing "Ooh, you are a mucky kid, dirty as a dustbin lid..."

And itchy jumpers (sweaters, cardigans etc), why did they seem so itchy back then?



Diane said...

I remember that pattern - I think I had one too! My mum went mental with mohair! I used to love Blind Date! xxxx

potter jotter said...

I know! An elderly relative knitted me a pink (!!) mohair jumper in the 80s which I just could not wear - very itchy and very ... pink.

Amy Seager said...

He is just so cute!
And that patchwork quilt on the post below is amazing - u must be so proud!
I love ur blog - please visit mine sometime!

koralee said...

What a sweet little blog you have...I love your little bunny! Happy day to you. xoxo

By the Bluegrass said...

Ahhh, I think he's cute. I'm going to look at more of your little creations. I grew up in the eighties too. But, I don't know of many of these....except for the blue mascara. Probably because we are from different countries.

Lisa said...

Poor Mo, he doesn't look like a killer bunny to me.
Yes, I loved blue mascara too.
Lisa x

country-city-rita said...

I love the little bunny, so so cute!!! Well done