Thursday, 17 February 2011

I feel free!!!

 Well I wasn't going to post this yet 
but it's so sunny I couldn't not!
( I feel free by Cream,
must be sung whilst reading this post!)
 I have finished the patchwork stage of this quilt.
 I'm so glad I added that extra row,
because now it just about fits our king size,
which is a nice option considering
I've made it for the double bed in the loft room.
 Here is the backside,
still with the majority of the papers still intact.
I almost love the back as much as the front!
 Next job then,
snipping all those tacking knots!!
 Ooh get that super reflection.
 Not sure if my hands were shaking due to being star struck
or just low blood sugar, from not eating lunch yet!
So now I need your help...........
backing, quilting and binding options??
One choice for the backing is
a pink floral 70s vintage sheet that I have,
with a plain white binding.
But I'm not sure if it should be something plainer??
Then there's the quilting!
OMG what to do?
I have only ever stitched in the ditch (in the seam),
however because I have used lots of vintage fabrics 
they are a little more fragile so I was considering 
straight line quilting,
to strengthen the whole quilt.
My issue with that is not wanting to mess up the star shapes
with too many lines.
So another option would be to stitch a cm inside the star....
....but can you imagine the turning of the quilt under my machine!!!!!
What to do?


Anonymous said...

hmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm mmmmm........i feeeeeeeeeeeel freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... sorry I was actually singing it! Great song!

Your quilt top is sooper dooper beeyooteefull and I lurve it muchly!

The quilting is a hard thing to decide with a quilt like this - what about some form of quilting design that radiates from the centre of each hexagon containing the star?

potterjotter said...

Well, Clare, I can't help with the technical aspects of what to do next cos I'm not a quilter - but I do love quilts - and I really love that one! Enjoy your moment of freedom!

Floss said...

Oh wow, well done! I love it (as I think you've probably noticed, I do love quilts with the paper left in - the process is part of the appeal). Your photos are so yummy.

Anyway, I'd go for a plainer back and I agree, the cm inside each shape would be pretty agonising for turning. I'm guessing that straight line quilting wouldn't mess up the star shapes, but turn to expert quilters (not voyeur quilters like me) for real answers!

Terrie said...

Gorgeous! I'm itching to go back to my patchwork now!

Hen said...

It's fab Clare, well done. You must be thrilled but I can understand now the anxiety over the next stage! I wouldn't go for straight line stitching precisely because as you say, it's likely to pull the star shapes out and I also think quilting is better when it follows the shapes you want to highlight. I would go for quarter inch shadow quilting inside each star but yes, it would be a hard job. Otherwise, I'd quilt in the ditch round each hexagon, def easier. Look forward to seeing the result.
Hen x

VintageVicki said...

Can help with backing & binding but I can say Wow it is gorgeous - a real labour of love :) (You can start singing that now ;) )

Devon Dumpling said...

Looks beautiful Clare! I would go for a plain back myself so as not to complete with the lovely front xx

Serenata said...

That is fabulous Clare, I just knew it was going to look brilliant. Good luck with the quilting!

Simone said...

It is gorgeous Clare! It is the best looking patchwork quilt I have seen in quiltland. I can't advise you on the quilting/backing options as I know nothing about patchwork quilts. When are you starting your next one!!! x

Vintage Tea Time said...

FABULOUS quilt so far! Can't help with the 'technical' side, but I'm sure it'll look great, whatever you decide. Well done - a labour of love! You've got to have it on your bed, surely?

Aunty Bee said...

I love the bright, beautiful look of the quilt. I am a useless machine quilter but I would stitch in the ditch only becos it easier. It will "pop" no matter what you do, it is so stunning.

Lisa said...

Clare it's beautiful!
A stunning work of art all made by your own fair hands.
I'm so glad I felt yucky and you had that extra time to finish it in time for the sunny photo shoot!
Can offer no advice about finishing off as my sewing skills are even less than my crochet ones.
Lisa xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Wow Clare, that is a very stunning quilt!
I couldn't possibly advise you what to do next but I'm sure whatever you decide it'll look great!
It is beautiful. :)
Vivienne x

Mary said... is soooo lovely!!! It is just fabulous! Considered hand quilting it inside the stars with different colors of perle cotton? I really love it!

Deb said...

This is so unbelievably stunning, I LOVE IT! I just couldn't make myself put that through the sewing machine to quilt, I'd hand quilt it I think.

Alijane said...


What a fab quilt, so colourful. Not sure what to advise quilting wise, I have only just started to quilt so am still learning.

I am sure it will look fab whatever you back it with and however you quilt it.


gillyflower said...

Oh Clare it looks just beautiful!!!
I love patchwork at this stage when you can see through it and the colours glow with the light behind like a stained glass window in a church!
I think if it were mine I would hand quilt it, as presumably it has been handstitched together with the papers, just inside the seams as Hen suggests - go the whole hand made hog for such a glorious quilt!!!
Being a vintage fabric lover I wouldnt be able to resist adding even more beauty by having the fab 70s floral back!!!Then a plain white binding to offset!!
Whatever you do it will be beautiful, well done!

Helen said...

Just gorgeous Clare, You are very very, clever.
Love Helen xx

ahomespunyear said...

What a beautiful quilt...lovely hippy, flowery fabrics.
It's made me think about the quilt I've been working on for ages (literally years). Time to get on and finish it!

Polka Dot Daze said...

It's gorgeous.
As for the backing. Anything that picks up some of the colours from the top will look good, busy or not. I am not sure about the quilting. that's a tricky one.

Helen Philipps said...

I loved seeing your starry patchwork!! It's so gorgeous and such a lively design! Perhaps you could find a backing fabric that is a tiny sprig or ditsy all over print with the main background colour in aqua - so it would tie in with the quilt top, and be calm but still interesting? I would hand quilt it round the stars! (But I love hand quilting!) It's a wonderful patchwork however you decide to finish it. Helen x

Perry said...

Hello Clare, I ran across your fliker pictures and tracked you down to see what the name of this quilt pattern is. This is one of the best quilt scraps I have ever seen. It is just beautiful! Congratulations!!! You have a real heirloom here. And I also like your "itchy" sweater. You need to keep that, it truly is an heirloom. I am going to read a little further back and see if I can find the name of this pattern. Great job!!

Darlene said...

OMG your star quilt is truly inspiring and just plain gorgeous!! Love it, love it. I guess if I were to make a suggestion for the quilting....get ready...I think you should consider having it hand-quilted. There I have said it. As for backing or binding... I guess whatever strikes you as 'right' will be perfect.
Well done.
Greetings from CANADA! Darlene at

Brazenjane said...

What a beautiful piece of work, I'm awestruck! The colours are gorgeous and having just about finished my first hand-sewn paper-peiced patchwork know how much time and love you have put into it. Such an inspiration. Will be keeping an eye on your blog as to how you resolve the "how do I quilt this" dilemma.

Can I ask how big your diamonds are and did you use freezer paper (invented by the gods) or just normal paper?

Lovely lovely lovely

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

OH my gosh, I loooove this! I am a new follower from Lily's Quilts. How did you make this quilt?? Is it a pattern or your own design?