Wednesday, 9 February 2011

the magic porridge pot

 Anyone who knows the story of the magic porridge pot
(my favourite childhood book)
will understand this post.
This quilt is turning into quite a porridge of a pot,
in that it goes on and on!
The bigger it gets the more of a monster it is becoming!
 I know I know...
not another post with that quilt.
Believe me I want to see the end too.
Yesterday to my horror,
whilst filling the gaps along the edge,
I realised that I need to do another whole row!!
That's another 8!!
If I don't then the quilt will end with half a block.
(as above)
I was tempted to leave it,
but the angel (or is it the devil?)
on my shoulder wont let me!
 And so with a big sigh...
(ignore the pillow/quilt combo,
this quilt is for the loft room.
I'm just using our bed to lay it all out)
 On a cheerier note, some primulas,
that my mother in law gave me.
It was a table decoration at a charity event they went to
with my Mum and Dad. (who they see more than I do!)
How cute is the simple laurel leaf casing.
Righto then porridge with homemade gooseberry jam.
Just one bowl thankfully!


Anonymous said...

I'd be the same - I couldn't leave it with a block hanging over the edge like that - it would fester away at me like a nasty boil on the bum (which I don't confess to ever having) until I got the row finished.

Don't leave your bum boil to fester - please!!! ;) xx

Diane said...

I love Porridge! Keep going - that quilt will be stunning when its done(but your poor little fingers!) xxxx

Mary said...

Love the quilt!

VintageVicki said...

Gorgeous quilt - you'll know when to tell it too 'stop little pot stop' ;)

Anonymous said...

Keep going, you'll thank yourself in the end!
Hard to ignore the gorgeous Orla pillows, by the way!
Vivienne x

Lisa said...

It's so lovely, keep going, it'll be worth it!
Lisa x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely quilt - but I hope you'll know when to stop! (400 posts later.....!) x

Serenata said...

Definitely worth doing another 8 to make the row complete. looks fabulous and is going to be stunning when finished.

Lynne said...

It's just looking wonderful. Whenever I see this quilt on my sidebar, I just have to pop on over immediately. I know , I haven't been on my blog much to see it though.
Keep up the good work, what a treasure it will be.

gillyflower said...

The quilt is looking lovely, it will be amazing when finished - keep going!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare
Love your little umgummy thingies:) So sweet!
**Copy message to all blogfriends -I'm locked out of magicalmeadows by Blogger because I messed up my passwords. If I can't rectify it today looks like I'll have to start up a new blog *sigh* right when I'm at my busiest. In the meantime you can email me if needs be on** End message.
So silly am I :(
Hope you have a lovely weekend
Love Pamela xxx

gillyflower said...

Hi Clare, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Glad to know someone else has shortened Logan to Logie!
Love Little Blue Syke and Tooti Frooti in your earlier post - they are so darn cute!!!Havent tried crocheting any cuties as yet - trying to finish my granny square flower garden blanket before starting anything new, which during this wet grey weather is pure sunshine to work with!

potterjotter said...

Hi Clare .... you know deep down that if you leave it, it will annoy the hell out of you, so you have to see it through, but it will be sooo worth it!