Tuesday, 15 February 2011

love to sew?

 Hi to all you lovers....
lovers of fabric that is!
I won this sweet little book over on Katy's blog
thanks Katy!!!
I will say hand on heart (scuse the pun)
that I'm not really a CK devotee.
However I'm not immune to their lovely fabrics,
so when I won this book I did do a little oohing!
Guess what my favourite page was??
Centre page spread!
 Is this porn for the ladies or what!!
I think it may be a reprint of a book that was out last year,
but as I don't own any CK books its all new to me.
It's a great little book full of inspiration, 
like the way the ric-rac has been used on the above cushion.
I think this may well be a do-er,
it's a bit like my vintage bag I bought from Donna Flower last year.

As for valentines...
valentine smalentine!!
pokes tongue out!

its not that I'm not feeling the love.
I just dont feel the need to celebrate on one day
when everyday should be special!!
and it is!

ps. we did have chocolate cheesescake however!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh dear, I sense you're not feeling the love Clare!! lol
You have to love that knitting bag though! :)
Vivienne x

Devon Dumpling said...

It looks like the perfect book for you x

Simone said...

Those centre pages were made for you! I am not into the whole valentines thing anymore and I dislike red roses!!!

Word verification mismoo!!!

Diane said...

I'm not a CK fan either - I find her wwwwaaaayyyyyyyy overpriced, but she does have a few nice fabric designs. Great prize! xxx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Well done on winning the book - sounds like there's few things in catching your eye!

Gillian said...

Congratulations on winning this sweet book, it looks wonderful....love the knitting bag :)

Florrie said...

Just been browsing through your lovely blog.........gorgeous makes.
florrie x

Terrie said...

My sentiments exactly! Why do we need to be told when to show love?! It should be every day! ....and no I'm not just bitter because I didn't have a valentines. Honest!

I love that knitting bag! I may well just put away the yarn and bring out the fabric!

Teacups and Tiskets said...

Im with you on the Valentine day thing - very commercial - unless you make your own cards,etc.

Wouldnt have minded a bit of the cheesecake tho - ;)

The centre spread of that book, is soo you.