Tuesday, 27 May 2008

red and green

So I've started a new quilt/blanket for our van/possibly loft room. The colours are a little unusual for me. Red and green should never be seen without a colour in between!! I think I'll get away with it as there is so much white. The reason for this colour scheme is due to the van being red on the outside with a green interior, not my choice, but seems to work.

As usual with me, I cant do something by the book, I get a whim and just go with it. I don't really know how to piece this 'grandmothers flower garden' together, so far I've tacked paper templates to each hexagon and have a stiff shoulder to prove it!
So here it is, doesn't look like much. I bet I wont being saying that halfway through stitching when I've got sewer's cramp.

My latest aquisitions through the post are a crochet book for the talented, ie: not a beginner!
And of course the 'godmothers' aka Cath Kidston book for lovers of everything vintage.

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