Tuesday, 13 May 2008

feeling hot hot hot

Wow we've had a great week with gorgeous weather enabling my husband to finally get his sailshade project started and finished, well nearly. We were both inspired by the immaculate and modern public places on a trip to Australia, where sail type shades featured everywhere. I predict they will soon be a mainstream product if the summers continue to heat up!

There has been so much activity in the garden I hardly know where to begin. Seems like the father blackbirds have given up on worm hunting now the babies have flown the nest, so it looks like mummy blackbird 'Birdie' has been left with two hungry and very noisy chicks to feed. She is also very fond of grapes, so much so that shes turned into a grape thief!

Veg front: so far we have eaten some lettuce and self sown rocket(tip:don't let rocket go to seed unless you want to be eating it every meal). The potatoes are all growing well and have already been earthed up. I had to cover my sown peas to stop the sparrows (lbj's-little brown jobs) frantically dust-bathing on top of them, little critters! But all is well so far with the peas and the mangetout are steadily climbing on up.

I have been to the Malvern Spring gardening fair! Post to follow....

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