Wednesday, 21 May 2008

chelsea week

So its Chelsea Flower show this week, I've never been, looks too busy for me, I much prefer Hampton Court. Anyway who needs Chelsea when I have my beautiful 'chelsea' garden! Somedays I really think my garden is amazing and I wish I could share it. In case you are wondering I'm going for the cottage garden look with a twist as I like unusual plants with different textures. I spend a lot of the time thinking about what the next plan is and whether something must go. Its usually instant relief when I remove a plant that has been jarring on me.

This is the sunny side of the garden so its constantly colourful, the border on the right is shady, which is quite calming, though I am trying to bring them both together.
Digital photography does not do my garden justice, ther are so many layers that do not show up on screen.

Salads are growing well, we had quite a few already as well as radishes, which are just yummy! The strawberries are well on their way to being eaten, though maybe not for a few weeks yet. I've not had much luck with my sweetcorn this year, only four seedlings so far, but that may be enough, last year I had about ten plants, the novelty of corn on the cob soon wears off after the tenth night!

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Sal said...

Lovely..I used to go to Chelsea years ago,when it was not quite as packed.My favourite were always the cottage garden displays ;-)