Thursday, 1 May 2008

rain or shine

I've decided to post a weekly photo of the best area or best plant as they do on Gardeners World, whilst on the subject; no I don't like the new GW music, heavens above I am not a 60 something who enjoys opera or frequents the local church!! Bring back the old music, it was a jolly start to the weekend!!
So whats going on the garden then?? The birch has been in full leaf now for over a week, the early potatoes are pushing through as are the mangetout.
This a raised bed I made last autumn from recycling an old fence. I originally made it for squashes and courgettes, however I seemed to have filled it with salad!
The strawberries are flowering already so it will soon be time to net them to keep off unwanted beaks!
I have made a canny purchase this week. Our patio looks out onto our neighbours huge house so we've been looking for a way of camouflaging it. So I've bought a twisted willow which will be kept in a pot, thanks to Alan Titchmarsh aka God, I cant buy a plant without extra freebies. So my canny buy was a willow with two stems, therefore two plants!!!
I also picked up a bargain clematis in a broken pot. Ville de Lyon is the 'make' and has bright carmine flowers. Roll on summer!!!!

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