Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ooh la lemon!

 No painting so far this week.
So with a clear head 
I bring you 
mes souvenirs française!

 Les details importants:
polka dot scarf €11  Bonobo jeans Vannes
green enamel coffee pot €2 vide grenier (loft clearance)
lemon plate and cream dish €5 vide grenier
white and green floral Quimper jug €25 brocante
stripe Breton style top €19 Bonobo jeans
turquoise cushions €6 sam textile
lime cake box free
tarte au citron priceless..

Models own:
cut offs  new look jeans
crinkle skirt (vintage) d perkins
lemon cardie £19 gap sale
sandals merrell Florida
satchel €2 france last year
shelf £40 shepton mallet
rope doorstop st ives
lovely floors mr fete
giant hollyhocks the garden
patchwork selfsewn..


Angela said...

Tres bon!!

I love the way you combine the colours - the tarte citron seems to be the starting point for the colour theme! No doubt THAT has been eaten now. LOVE the enamel coffee pot!


Simone said...

You make a great model Clare! Great Frenchy things but I just adore your cardi!!!

dosierosie said...

Great post.

Diane said...

Looking very much like pages from the Boden catalogue!!! You bagsy'd some excellent Brocante. xxxxx

bibbitybob said...

Fab photos and great buys! Thanks for your comment :) we did the downstairs hall a few weeks ago and have put off the stairs and landing...I remember why now!! x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well Clare , I don't know where to start. Can I just say I love it all with special emphasis on the lemon cardi, the green enamel coffee, the patchwork and the tarte au citron!
Vivienne x

two bones and a bagle said...

oh la la

Floss said...

Lovely photos and finds! You did do well on that enamel coffee pot and the Quimper too... Anyway, all your colours come together brilliantly and I haven't had a tarte au citron for TOO LONG!

Love, Love, Love said...

What a lovely post, Clare. xx

Victoria said...

What a great post. Love the yellow cardie.

Janine said...

You've found some wonderful bargains - and your garden is looking lovely too!

Mary said...

Oh Clare! I love your blog! Everything is so beautiful :) And I love the grandmothers flower garden block....makes me want to get stitching on mine right now! Thanks for the lovely inspiration, Clare!

Lisa said...

You did manage to spot and buy some lovely pretties. That lemon cardi suits you so well, as does the skirt, the scarf and the rest of the clothes!!
Lisa x

greenthumb said...

Love all the colours you put them together so well.

Lynne said...

Tarte au citron priceless indeed, as is your patchwork.

**Anne** said...

Loving this post for so many different reasons. Your styling is superb, images gorgeous, colours fantastic. Sigh, what a cheery way to start the day.
Anne xx

Nicky said...

That coffee pot is just right for my kitchen too! Love all your stuff and where did you get such a great model? grin!?

Poppy said...

You have great taste! I'm loving all of it.... :0))))

Lou xxx

Tina said...

Lovely things you got! I especially like the floral jug and the satchel. And the hollyhock :-)
Great pictures!

Madame Samm said...

yellow, butter cream, lemons...I am in love...you are way to sweet...

millefeuilles said...

Clare; your sense of colour is stunning! A symphony of yellow married with such subtle tones of grey and neutrals... Don't get me started on lemon tarts; I absolutely adore them. Probably a throwback of my British lemond curd childhood memories and yet so quintessentially French.

Bravo, ma chère ;-)

corine @ hidden in france said...

J'adore the look in the first picture, the touch of lemony is classy and so is the scarf! Vraiment très Français.

Rachel Hauser said...

Well of course I love your latest quilt. My goodness, it's stunning and even more so since it's hand pieced! But, I'll say I'm happy to meet you even more. What a lovely, sunny personality. Here to stay!