Friday, 15 July 2011

fresh air friday

 Again fresh air most definitely needed this week.
A week of painting has left me high and dry!
This post was going to be devoted to hollyhocks,
but they seem to be nothing new on the blogs.
So instead I'm bringing you a post on poppies.
 They always crop up in the veg patch!
 These are a first for me.
A few years back my mother in law gave me seeds from her garden.
And here they are, I always find poppy seeds take a couple of years to come up.
 This morning they are all a buzz!
 I am glad that they chose the veg patch to grow in,
as they are not something I would want in my garden.
Colourwise I mean.
They are much brighter in real life and very frilly
like a queen mothers hat.

Looks like a rainy weekend ahead
so enjoy these before they become bedraggled.
talking of bedraggled, I better brush my hair...
just a little diy this morning,
but that's it for now!

Enjoy the weekend again!


Simone said...

Your veggie patch is brimming with goodies! The poppies add a nice splash of red to the green backdrop.

Hen said...

You can never have too many hollyhocks but the poppies are splendid. Definitely not shy and retiring! Shame about the weekend isn't it, I was so looking forward to getting out and about too.
Hen x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

They look great in the veggie patch, they have wonderful heads on them!!
Have a great weekend Clare!
Vivienne x

Serenata said...

The poppies are wonderful and I think it is nice to have the odd flowers in the veggie patch, brightens them up. If we get the forecasted rain though, you are right they will soon be bedraggled.

Lisa said...

I think they are so pretty, lovely splash of colour.
Lisa x

Mary said...

I love poppies! so pretty....these are much more fluffy than the poppies we have growing around here. I had to let my Hollyhocks go...I do love them but they left a nasty stain on my house. Better planning would have fixed that problem I am sure! Love your garden Clare! Have a wonderful weekend :)

greenthumb said...

I can't seem to grow poppies, your look great in the veggie Patch.

Eileen said...

Great looking garden. I need to get some hollyhocks!!!

potterjotter said...

I just love the way these big old poppies barge in anywhere, and come out in all sorts of unexpected colours. I can't grow Hollyhocks, so would have appreciated that post!

Lynne said...

I love flowers in the veggie patch but my husband thinks it strange. I'd still like to see your hollyhocks.

millefeuilles said...

Poppies; yes, please! I love the queen mother's hat analogy. I posted some splendid hollyhocks last week found in our village allotment but I did not see any poppies! I hope the rain hasn't spoiled them too much.