Monday, 11 July 2011

maniac monday

Actually it's not just today that I'm a maniac.
 Sunday, on a whim I painted the kitchen,
unintelligently   unintentionally.

I figure whilst I'm feeling energetic of mind
I may as well put it to good use.

So now I just have 
kitchen worktops to sand and oil
all the woodwork (incl doors) in the house to paint
front door to paint
hallway to paint
kitchen table legs to paint
two more chairs to paint
loft room to paint
new front fence to stain...

So not much sewing doing,
GIANT patchwork!!

I am intending this to be a cushion.
(but unlike my friend Diane
who sets out to make quilts and ends up with cushions,
I always set out to make cushions but end up with quilts!!!)

Wouldn't this make an awesome quilt though!!!

* designer jeans models own

As requested a before and after.
The paint was a left over,
the orange was not our choice!!
Not that exciting really!


Angela said...

Show us some pictures of the kitchen - please!!

The Beetle Shack said...

ahahah oh you crack me up. Thats something I would do- paint the kitchen on a whim. Dave has been know to touch a window cill, furniture or wall to find wet paint- oops. need signs.

better to be manic than unproductive, no?

xo em

Mary said...

Heck yes! Want to come to my house - I have a few chores and some sewing too! LOL!

andamento said...

I've lots of jobs needing done, but I've started a quilt! Just a random hexagon one, made from the childrens' old clothes. It's rather addictive...

Jessica said...

you're hilarious! the giant patchwork is awesome..
good luck with your "housework", I won't complain about having to do 2 loads of laundry today knowing what you're doing..

crafts@home said...

I bet it's a lot brighter in there.... at least when you sewing you know your kitchen is done!
Sue Xxx

Lisa said...

Love the new kitchen colour. It's not boring!
Lisa x
word verif is liken, I tell you I'm liken it!

Victoria said...

Love the new kitchen colour... and your kitchen floor (which is just the same as mine - they show every speck and crumb those dark floors don't they?!)

Love, Love, Love said...

Much perfer the new colour choice. Our kitchen was a much harsher terracotta colour when we moved in; we quickly changed it to a chalky cream. Notice any similarities :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the giant patchwork but I have to say I really hate painting. If I were you I would be patchworking!!!
Kitchen is a nice colour though.:)
Vivienne x

Diane said...

I see now that my pieces are just too small. Love your kitchen. xxxx

greenthumb said...

Wow what a lot of painting you have done and still to do, like the new colour's.

potterjotter said...

I'm the same ... when I have an energy burst I just do everything at once. Am waiting for one to strike now as I have a list of stuff that needs doing!

Lynne said...

Sounds as though you had boundless energy!
Love your quilt Summer of Love, it's beautiful. Look forward to seeing your large hexagon cushion.

Simone said...

Lovely paint job! I LOVE your giant patchwork. Please do an EXTREME patchwork quilt!!! Have you seen the extreme knitting and crochet that are doing the rounds? They are knitted/crocheted on giant needles and hooks. One knit row is about an inch thick!