Monday, 9 February 2009

this weeks love

I shall work backwards as to what I've been up to, as its nice to start with a sunny outlook.
With urge to change our surroundings for the day we went a roaming and ended up in Brighton.
(apologies Sarah for not popping in, it was a spur of the moment thing)

It was a glorious day!

We had a bit of a wander through the lanes, but to be honest, I feel we have outgrown a lot of the shops especially as the only thing I purchased was some fabric from a charity shop!

I couldn't pass it by. It was £2 for a good double width generous 3 metres!
Its rare these days to find such a huge piece of vintage!

I also had a great purchase from a brilliant junk shop in Lymington.
Everything is piled high with 20p/50p price tags.

So when I spotted this stripey 50p affair I snapped it up, with thoughts of patchwork.
However after I had washed it. I found it to be a double flat sheet in good condition.

I shall hang to both for now and resist the urge to cut!

Please can you tell me if you have good day/bad day on the crafting front?
One of these pillows was naughty!
I had a really good day after making the first one, I felt quite chuffed, then came the evil next day, where all that was good turned bad!

How to make a pillow when you have no zips and haven't worked out how to make a button hole!

I persevered...


Simone said...

Thanks for the comments left on my blog clare. I will continue to visit and comment on other peoples blogs, just not sure where I am going with mine yet. Your cushions look good to me!

lou said...

Your cushions look lovely!

I love going too Brighton, anything goes that’s what I love about it!
You done well with the fabric, BARGAIN!

Love Lou xxx

jo said...

I do have good and bad days myself when sewing. I think the bad days are when I'm trying to rush and get something finished. Your cushions look fine to me.

Flossie and Tom said...

Love the cushions

I want to go to the shop where everything is 50p !

Love the sheet


Bertie x said...

Hi Clare, your pillows are lovely, no one will notice, they'll be too busy admiring those roses. I have lots of bad crafty days. I have the ideas, just don't know how to make them a reality!
Bertie x

sweetmyrtle said...

Hi Clare,
sometimes the bad days come too frequently when trying to work new things out... but i always think that mistakes are how we learn. sometimes though if i am really struggling with something i will put it to one side, get on with something else or have a break and then return to it later in a calmer state. Did you manage the pillowcase flap in the end ?... if not i can email you basic instuctions for one.
I love all your fabric finds and the pillows look really pretty. A nice bit of floral cheer on a grey rainy day!
with love
Ginny x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love those cushions! Have you tried doing envelope backs before? I do those, as you don't need a zip, and don't need to make buttonholes. Let me know if you haven't & I'll explain how to you.
i used to go to Brighton a lot once, I love it. You got some great bargains there!!

Have fun : )

Sharon xx

Lisa said...

Your cushions look gorgegous. Well done you.
Please, please tell me where the junk shop is, I'll make a note for a future visit and rummage.
Lisa x

Lisa said...

Whereabouts in Lymington?
I don't know it all that well.
Please share your specialised bargain hunting knowledge!

Country Bliss said...

Bargain fabric/sheet. I can't see anything wrong with your pillows they look great. I'm always having bad craft days usually because I cut too many corners i.e. don't pin, tack or iron seams! I also make envelope backs so I don't need to make buttonholes or put in zips.
Yvonne x

Country Bliss said...

Me again just seen this on oneprettything and though of you.
Yvonne x