Monday, 16 February 2009

love is for life not just for valentines

We are not big on the V day here, however I did find this by my bedside which had us in stitches.

Who needs Sawyer(lost) when I have this hunk in my bed!!

I did cook dinner however and I made profiteroles for the first time, sorry no pictures we ate them all.

We had a very romantic trip to the nursery to pick out our seed potatoes!
And a pot of iris's for me

A new years resolution I made last year and now this year was to find some decent pub grub.
The first we have found is 'The Hobler' on the Southampton road between Lyndhurst and Lymington. If you are on your way to Lymington and fancy a bite I highly recommend this pub, the food is your regular pub grub menu, but everything is yummy and the staff are really friendly.


Rubys mamma x said...

Hi, i thought id introduce myself as i live in Wellow in Romsey-just down the road! Nice to meet a local blogger, and a lovely blot to boot!
Kirsty x

Simone said...

I love the picture!!! You got spuds and an iris and pub grub. What more could a girl want?!!! You got more than I did for Valentines Day!

jo said...

We don't do Valentines day in our house too. Only 1 card in 27 years!

Sal said...

I was going to say that your profiteroles looked a bit like potatoes..then I read on..LOL ;-)
Beautiful Iris ;-)

MaryPoppins said...

Sounds like a perfect day :)

Thank you so much I feel so touched that you thought of us X

Thank you for your very, very wize suggestion, I think that is indeed what I shall do :)

Apologies on the Giveaway, though I know you understand




JuliaB said...

LOL! that is a very funny pic! I agree with you about Valentines being for life - as far as I can see, the whole thing is a racket made for people to make money.... grr.... and you have just reminded me that I have seed potatoes to chit! Lordy! I have had them for 2 weeks and forgot all about them! x