Thursday, 26 February 2009

the eyes have it

I've always been fascinated with photography in much the same way as eyes. I know how they both work yet I'm still in awe of the science.

I poked my eye with my finger quite hard yesterday; it wasn't deliberate I was batting a fly away and there you go. I was just getting on a train too,
so I looked like some sad girl crying on the train!
I really felt like I'd gouged my eye out, this morning it is sore and feels gritty,
however I've still managed to blog about it.
No sewing or gardening today.

It scares me to think about all my favourite past times, patchwork, gardening and blogging,
all would be impossible without my sight.

Anyway my point is: Don't take your eyes for granted, and don't poke them!


Country Bliss said...

Scary thought - not being able to see.
Yvonne x

Simone said...

Oh poor you! I hope your eye is better soon. I am taking my son to the opticians later as he feels there is something stuck in his eye. My sight is one of my most valuble senses. All my favourite past-times require me to be able to see. I would never ever take my sight for granted. Lovely eyes by the way!

Lisa said...

Hope your eye stops feeling yucky soon.
Thanks for the birthday wishes for T and S, they loved getting messages about their special day.
Lisa. x

bigbucketgirl said...

Oh! hope it feels better now. I hate it when that happens... my littlest one poked me in the eye last week...not so much an accident..he was counting my eyeborrrls! The way i yelped and screamed i don't think he'll be bothered by how many eyes i've got ever again!

Goosey said...

Good advice that! My son who is at Uni recently took a snowball in the eye and lost his vision in that eye for a few days and ended up in A & E! I think he appreciates it more now!

Anonymous said...

my eldest girl is always getting poked in the eye... eyes are so precious... i once stupidly, got eggshell paint in my eye but luckily there was no permament damage. hope you eye is better now.
love your images.

Sarah said...

D'oh! I really hate the feeling of having something in my eye, though it's not a problem when I wear my contact lenses. Strange, that. It always amazes me that actually our eyes "see" upside-down and our brain converts it to the right way up. That's pretty clever, all in all!