Monday, 2 June 2008


Wow its June already! So far weather wise we've had a mixed bag, which has been great for the garden though not for the iris who has remained sodden due to the rain. However we do need sun now to dry out the potato plants and to ripen all the strawberries.
We are well into eating my produce, the new raised salad bed has been a total triumph, though I still manage to get everything growing in abundance instead of sucsession.
The veg patch is full now as I've just planted out the sweetcorn, I hope they are still there and havent been eaten. I am growing leeks in the salad bed, to be transferred to final growing bed when I have dug up the early potatoes. I'm thinking about growing suede as I have been cooking a lot of cassoroles. I have courgette and squash seedlings and I dont know where they will go, I originally built the raised bed for them, but seems unlikely now! I'm thinking maybe the pile of rotting turfs might be ok, as I have seen squashes grown on compost heaps.
Here are my pea plants with rather an elaborate cats cradle! I have noticed that something has taken a fancy to the leaves on my peas and mangetout, whoever said gardening was relaxing has never done battle with the garden nasties. If its not the bugs eating your plants, its the rats living under your shed, or lobbying the council to sort out traffic chaos or stop them garden grabbing, there seem to be know end of stresses living in the country! I guess if life was perfect there would be nothing for us to have a moan at.

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Sal said...

I don't have a veg patch,even though I do have a huge garden! Now I feel inspired to go out and dig one, right away!!;-)