Wednesday, 4 June 2008

the taste of summer

First strawberries of the year, some of which are huge, hopefully they will be tasty with many more to follow.

Yesterday we had a months rain in one day! The majority of the garden was turned into a pond due to our clay soil, but thank the gods today was a summers day and the water had drained a way by morning. I do panic sometimes about the garden and spend half the time criticising it, I need to relax and enjoy it more. This the view from the end of the garden under the sail shade looking on to the veg patch and my new ARBOUR!!
This is my birthday present, not for another month yet, but got to make the most of the summer. I'm staining it a grey/blue colour and hope to grow a climbing rose and clematis maybe.
I love how my garden looks like someone elses through the lattice, feels like a whole new garden!

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