Monday, 12 September 2011

useful and beautiful?

 Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful
or believe to be beautiful~William Morris
 Whilst I would love to adhere religiously to this philosophy,
I fear over the years I have collected far too much clutter 
which fits neither category.
 Let me present then, our new hugely useful hemnes* display cabinets.
Creating a relaxed inspiring room is all about balance in my book.
I am big on recycling the past and pre-loved items, 
so I'm trying to reign in the love of the clutter inducing stuff,
by keeping the items which really mean something to me.
Don't neglect your friendly flat pack store*
to prevent your house resembling a junkshop museum
and keep things modern and fresh.

ps. do I spy patchwork?


A Thrifty Mrs said...

What a beautiful, beautiful room. I am so jealous.
I love that teal-ish coloured chair.

Mary said...

Great shelves! Nice and lean so they serve the purpose but don't take up too much room! I do go through periods when my "items" seem to give my space that flea market feel. Then I go through and de-stash. I am old is your house? The floors are lovely with the wide planks. And I do spy patchwork....

Homebird said...

That mirror is amazing! Love the design. Can't beat Ikea, my house is a mix of that and thrifting. I need to go soon for a Billy Bookshelf for the loft and probably come back with countless other things too. I have some Hemnes too!

Sam x

Sheila said...

Love the look!

Pomona said...

Your post is very timely and apposite for me. I am developing a resolution to cut the clutter, drop the museum look, and have a big clear out - but I need to stiffen my resolve which is sadly wavering.

Pomona x

etta said...

LOVE Ikea! I hate that we have to drive 2 1/2 hours to Chicago to visit one. :(

We have amassed too much clutter. I'm definitely nesting, though, because I'm clearing it out. I'm sure I'll wonder what I was thinking a week after giving birth, but that's okay. At least my house will be clean, right?

Simone said...

Your room looks lovely and fresh Clare. I am a fan of mixing up the old and the new, however I have far too much 'old' in my house at the moment - including me!!!

Anonymous said...

OH how I wish I could live that quote! I have a husband to deal with and so about having useful and pretty things I cannot say it is so !! LOL Or will it ever be possible?? What He sees as useful is neither pretty or useful to me..I like your shelves btw

Serenata said...

Wonderful post Clare and very timely. Gorgeous room that looks lovely and fresh.

Rachel Hauser said...

That photo of the room in the mirror - wow! That mirror is both beautiful and useful. Those are my favorites!

Diane said...

I'm a big fan of the big blue store - I think its goods mix well with the vintage look. Your floors look fab! xxx

greenthumb said...

Very nice, like the clean lines.

charl said...

the shelves are great.. they are simple enough that it doesnt take away from your things... lovely room has a real new england feel!
im having a bit of a "i hate all my little bits and bobs" moment at the minute.. i sort of want to get rid of them all but then just know that i would instantly regret it!!


Nicky said...

I spot Angie Lewin in the corner! Love her pictures - would love to have one!

Lisa said...

I've eaten delicious cake in that delicious room!
Lisa x

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

One of my favourite quotes, which I do try to aspire to. Its just that I happen to live with several other people who don't!