Sunday, 18 September 2011

secret squirrel sunday

Oh man I wish I could share my current sewing project with you!
But as its a secretish swap of the squirrelling type,
you will have to wait it out.
Lets just say it's a jazzy little number,
closely related to my summer of love quilt.
It's grabbed my attention away from the grey patchwork;
muted colours are totally gorgeous, just not that exciting to sew.
I feel a tutorial coming on..


Nicky said...

What are you hiding behind your long bushy tail!?? Look forward to the Tute!

Mary said...

yay! Who doesn't love a good tute!!! hee hee!!! I thought of you today as I was searching through layers of old stuff at the flea market! So much to look month I go without the hubs...Giddyup!!!

greenthumb said...

Can't wait.

Lynne said...

Sounds intriguing, can't wait.
Thank you for your comment,(a while back) about Jewel.

Pomona said...

How tantalizing!

Pomona x