Monday, 4 January 2010

my god, its full of stars*

**Welcome welcome to 2010**

Let me start the new year by thanking you all for your time and willingness to share your snippets ; )

With nearly two years of blogging under my belt, a few things are going to change this year.
I am seriously hoping to finally make use of what talent I have! Now its just deciding which one to use !LOL
Why are all the good blogging names taken!!
So I may be a bit lax on the blogging front, which may mean a lack of correspondence, for that I appologise.
If I dont make these rules, 2010 will be just another blogging year!

What's your new project for the year?

I'm off ;  the scenery painting is a calling....

* for the non geeks, 'my god, its full of stars' is from 2010 space odyssey


clare's craftroom said...

Happy New Year Clare , I hope it's great !

Lisa said...

Happy New Year Clare!
You sound very decisive, good luck on whichever pah this year should take you.
Lisa xx

Sal said...

Hello Clare! A Happy New Year to you!
Hope 2010 is a good one for you!
Enjoy the painting!