Monday, 25 January 2010

I dream of crochet!

Remember the story of the red shoes?
The one where the ballerina comes to a sticky end due to the shoes making her dance non stop.

Well its much the same with me;
only it's not shoes it's a crochet hook!
Seriously they should come with a health warning.

 Thats 49 down. Only 28 to go!!
You may notice that I have added two new colours,
lemon and burgundy,
I  needed  to add some depth.
I now know why crochet blankets are so colourful,
its exciting to see if the different colour combinations work, or not.

Heres where I need your help.
Should I finish my squares in white or not?

I do like lighter colours/new england style,
which is why I am having issues with the clashing colours.
What do you think?
(image google granny blanket and you will find lots that are white)

...and when I'm not crocheting squares! LOL

So now I am needing another trip to buy more wool....
In the mean time I have some patchwork pondering to do.
With the help from Sal who has sent me some lovely scraps of fabric and a lovely pink piece which I won in her giveaway.


A roll-up crochet hook tidy maybe??


Floss said...
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Floss said...

Oh look, here's the finished post! It was worth the wait - I couldn't understand why it seemed I'd already commented on it!

Anyway, I think the coulours are lovely but I do think it would be great to use white. I have plans for a patchwork quilt where all the colours are separated by white - it really does give a calmer and yet still colourful effect.

Lyn said...

oh I love your snowflake and heart pictures on this post, keep going with your blanket, it will look great!

Lisa said...

I am in love with the snowflakes and hearts!
I'm free on Thursday this week if you are? Sorry to take a while to get back to you.
Lisa x

Mary Poppins said...

Lovely photographs, your crochet work is amazing. I do like the white, but I LOVE the little pink edged ones i could spy in the background ;)

Happy crocheting



Shabby Chick said...

I think they look lovely, and the snowflake is stunning :)

Mel xxx

beck said...

I can see that you are in love with crochet! I like the white look as it really makes the colors pop! And that love heart, so sweet. As is your lovely blog xo

Kate said...

All your crochet is gorgeous! I have been looking around for a crochet love heart pattern and that is the prettiest one I have seen. Gorgeous blog!

Anonymous said...

WOW - I just love your crochet snowflakes and hearts. I am so trying to learn (not too well), but really want to try and make some of those. xx