Tuesday, 4 November 2008

magazine life

Has everybody got one of these? Its a magazine stash, well one of them.

The problem is I am a self confessed hoarder. I have pretty much my whole life in boxes from a childhood hankie to my tight black '51 states' grunge jeans! And of course all my childhood toys (well not all, that would be crazy) , and by the way I am gutted that I didn't take more care of my first Sindy.

So now I'm reminiscing back through my life in magazines!!
I'd like to add that these are not all my magazines though I wish I'd kept one or two! They are not all from the correct era, but you get the idea.

I guess it started with the Beano I think, its a long time ago...

Gotta love Desperate Dan

Then there was Bunty, again its a bit of a fuzzy memory.

So now I'm 11 and getting into music!!

Many a day was spent swooning over Morten Harket!!

I used to read Mizz too but I cant quite recollect where it fits, but probably somewhere here.

I still remember cycling home with my first just 17 hidden on the back of my bike, probably because I was only 14 and was a bit too racy for me!

I always thought it was strange how I never read magazines that were my aimed at my age. by the time I was 17 I was reading 19.

Now I'm at college studying art and buying mainly elle and vogue generally for the couture pictures and for inspiration.

Its at this stage I discover heavy metal and clubbing!!

Remember the melody maker...

So now I'm living in London, working and trying to be a lady!! Marie Claire was a staple magazine for quite some time, with all its cultural do gooding!!

By this stage I've been dumped, moved home, met and moved in with my husband, so interior magazines became more of an interest. I even had a subscription to living etc. I really did love this one!

There was a tiny garden with that house, so you know whats next! I cant believe how you grow out of magazines, I haven't bought gw all year. Mainly because they repeat a lot over the years but also because I keep them all for reference.

I don't actually buy amateur gardener often, because I read it for free in the library!

I started buying country living whilst I still lived in the town, I guess I was secretly yearning to escape. You cant take the country out of the girl.

So now I live in the country I don't need the escapism so much, I do still love this magazine but I'm getting itchy feet. I wonder where my magazine choice will take me next??


Sal said...

I'm the same with my stash...the trouble is that the mags are all too damn good to throw away!;-)

thriftymrs said...

I have a magazine passion, always have donee. I suppose that's the reason I now do what I do.
I think my first magazines were, like you, comics then I progressed to Fast Forward, then to Smash Hits, followed by Bliss, Sugar and Just Seventeen. Around about the age of 14 I became very interested in fashion. I have bought Vogue (UK, US, Italia and French) and Elle since then (I have them all stored at my mother's house.)When I was engaged I went through wedding magazines like something cronic. I now buy photography magazine and home magazines more than anything else. Like you I do wonder what will be next.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

ooooh Coast! Have you had that one? That's my current fave magazine. I can't live by the seaside but I can dream... Did a fab article on camper vans last year.
I'm soooo with you on this addiction, altho' I confess I haven't hoarded them like you have, but I'm seriously impressed with how good a hoarder you are. :o) Pro standard I reckon!! You should get an award for that!

the flour loft said...

love this post. Good to reminise... had Bunty too.... and my sister had Jackie. i am with you on the Marie Claire phase too. I use magazines like books and refer to them again and again. great for inspiration.
ginny x

JuliaB said...

Have you really kept all these magazines? I thought i was a hoarder! x

Heart in the country said...

Hi Clare

I know exactly where you are coming from, I'm a magazine addict as well I try to recycle as many as I can to the drs, friend etc which is a real wrench...can't bear to let xmas editions go, but I still have a stack taller than me! OH is a hoarder and can't understand my 'problem' in letting things go :0)


Country Bliss said...

Ha, I had Bunty, Judy, Smash Hits, New Sounds New Styles and Flexipop!I went on to Prima, various craft and dollshouse mags. Now I subscribe to Prima, Easy Living and Country Living but never have the time to read them!
Yvonne x

summerfete said...

I dont have a hoard of all these magazines, I'm getting a bit stricter with myself!

I am waiting for the Christmas Country living issue!


Simone said...

I wrote a whole essay here but it hasn't come up in the comments! When I was a child the neighbour used to save me 'her' comics. She would give me Bunty, Judy, Beezer, Topper, Beano and Dandy! When older my Mum got me Jackie, Mates and My Guy and now I collect Country Living and the occasional Martha Stewart!

LOUISE said...

I've been meaning to do a post like this for ages Clare, although mine would contain some different magazines as I am from a slightly earlier era. I had Twinkle, possibly Bunty, and teenage magazines Jackie, Blue Jeans and My Guy, music magazines Fab 208, Smash Hits and Disco 45! Much, much later in life I subscribed to Gardener's World for a couple of years and I like you noticed articles being repeated time after time, so I stopped, although I kept the ones I had and get them out for reference in the relevant month. I rarely buy magazines these days as now I have the blogs to read and no spare time for magazines! x