Monday, 13 September 2010

show and tell

Oh my gosh!
Just had to share... find of the year.
I've just hung it out..and look how big.
Its all hand-stitched too!
how easy it would have been on a machine.

I think this was a case of 'the early bird catching the worm'
I know how very lucky I was..
...awesome price of £6 wasn't bad either considering I was in Romsey.

me - chuffed as nuts!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I bet you're chuffed! That was a beautiful bargain for sure! :)
Vivienne x

Simone said...

I am glad you are as 'chuffed as nuts'!!! It is a beautiful quilt.

Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm not surprised you are thrilled with it!


Sal said...

I bet you get a very fine class of tat in Romsey!!
I was in Yeovil yesterday at the booty and I was surrounded by Polish people! ;-)

VintageVicki said...

Totally gorgeous and an absolute bargain.

I found some pillowcases that would match that nicely in the CS this weekend - they look great on my spare bed.

Diane said...

Is "chuffed as nuts" a southern phrase? It a right find. xxx

Serenata said...

Gorgeous, must certainly be the find of the year! Can imagine the excitement when you saw it!

Floss said...

Well, I'm not jealous, no, not me... But on the other hand, 6 pounds is just incredible!!! Was the seller mad??? Or are you just a gifted thrifter???

OK, I am jealous (just a bit).

Lisa said...

Oh it's lovely, well done you. Where's it going to live?
Lisa x

gill said...

Hi Clare
This is such a great find!
Can you tell us more about it?
Is it old? what's it made from? do you have a maker's name/date?