Wednesday, 19 May 2010

hello sunshine

Hopefully you are having some sunny moments this week.
This morning after watering the steadily increasing tribe of seedlings 
I have managed to sew in the garden.
Alas it's a tad cloudy now, so I have come in to show you what I have been up to.
(I have succomb to the life of a works in progress girl)

This design is a spin on my previous patchworkings, 
and was actually inspired by a bloggers Mum/Mum in law who was sewing a 
very beautiful quilt of this design.
(I have a feeling she was from over seas)
So If you recognise yourself then thankyou for the inspiration.

I am going to try and keep this as an enjoyable project that I make over many months, 
I get all too easily enveloped into finishing a project and not properly enjoying the journey!

I am however in love with this new colourful patchyness....

note: I have found the inspiration it was 
red pepper quilts
Visit this website if you dare the beauty and the fabrics might make you cry


Diane said...

Where do you find all your lovely fabrics? It looks gorgeous.

Jades Craft Crafts said...

Lovely summer colours! I look forward to your updates on how its going!
Enjoy your day!

Jade Xx

Lisa said...

Yep the clouds have come over a bit here now I'm home from volunteering!
Lisa x

Karen said...

Love to think of you getting a chance to sew in the garden, dear Clare. There's nothing like the sun in your face and a project in your hands!!!

Bobo Bun said...

Too right, enjoy the process and maybe get stuck into other things along the way. The colours you've started with look perfect together.

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

What happy colours!!
Vivienne x

lisette said...

Indeed!! What a sunshine!