Tuesday, 12 May 2009

speakers corner

Whilst I've been away from blogging I've watched a lot of tv, so I'm getting on my soap box to let off some totally pointless steam!
The first gripe is the so called 'kirsties homemade home'. I had high hopes for this program, but oh no was I sadly misled!! I'm sorry to say Kirstie I don't think you have a creative bone in your body, sorry that was harsh. I liked the whole ethos she was trying to create, just not the patronising way she tells us that all our houses are dull carbon copies.
The rooms got progressively worse as she went along, the worst being the awful wallpaper she 'had' put up in the wc. hideous!
By far the saddest moment was when she ripped out the lovely original fireplace and replaced it with a horribly grubby looking stone thing.
All I can say is that Ms Allsopp should do some research next time and focus on some of the lovely 'normal' homes as seen in blogland!!

ps. I did like the fact that she spent £250 on a not very nice quilt!! HAHA!!

My second, this time a well deserved moan, is alas, about my ex favourite program
Gardeners World. Where do I begin? The new concept to this beloved program is so awful I'm considering switching off. Its extremely patronising, smug and fake. The new patch of mud is uninspiring and leaves me wondering whats going on at Berryfields?
I realise they have to attract new gardeners, but what about us non-virgins!!
Please don't show Carol taking cuttings ever again!

I wasn't a big fan of Montys, but after catching an old gw on the gardening channel, I would welcome him back any day!!

Whats hot and whats not gardeners world!


A Thrifty Mrs said...

I found it very frustrating when she ripped out beautiful things such as the aga and fireplace. Made me quite mad!

Here is a link to my shiny new blog. :)


Shabby Chick said...

Hi Clare

I know what you mean about Kirstie. I just watched the most recent episode last night and it just winds me up that she keeps on about how cheap she wants everything to be and then goes in a shop and buys a £250 quilt like it's nothing! And if she said "My five bedrooms" once she said it a hundred times... yes we get the message about how many bedrooms you have!!!

From a fellow TV addict xxx

Mary Poppins said...

Yes and the fireplace she ripped out was exactly the same as my lovely 1920s oak one I have taking pride of place in my lounge :)

Booooooooo Ms. Allsopp, norty, norty girl


Floss said...

Oh well, you all make me feel better about not having UK TV over here! I was quite jealous when the series started up, but I can see how disappointed everyone is. Your point is quite right - the real 'homemade home' is visible all over blogland, so why fake it for TV?

Gardener's World - I will have to ask my mum her opinion on this one. She is a long-term viewer, so I'll check her out. What a disappointment for you all that it's gone and dumbed-down!

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Lisa said...

I only caught the first one of this series and I wasn't that impressed by it so I'm glad I haven't missed anything interesting.
Glad to hear you are being very well looked after.
Take care
Lisa xx

Lyn said...

Here, Here!

Diane said...

That'll teach you to "dis" the Monty!! Monty is such a gentleman and so enthusiastic about what he grows. I used to enjoy my Friday nights on the sofa with Monty and a glass of red. I know what you mean about the Kirsty Allsopp program. She totally turned me off when we went for a look around the new home (errr MANSION!!!) that her parents had downsized into. I swiftly switched to "I own Britains Best Home" at least they are not pretending on there!!!

Simone said...

I agree with you about both programmes. How many of us could afford to have one to one tuition with these craftsman even if we could find them! She hasn't actually made anything herself, she has just tried a bit of the craft. I can't watch gardners world anymore. I hate the new format. The pond that looks like a wishing well is awful and I can't stand the presenters. No one will ever live up to Geoff Hamilton and his enthusiasm. I liked Alan Titchmash too!!!

Mrs Jelly said...

Oooh, I'm hopping on your bandwagon.

*WHAT* have they done to DIY SOS?!?!?
Those new stupid graphics that they flash up every 5 seconds are like something you'd find on CITV for kids! Just show us more Nick and I'd be happy :o)

And did you watch any of "Professor Regan's Pharmacy Shop" ? That could have been a half-hour programme but they filled it out each week with hideous computer graphics for the brain-dead viewers and showed gratuitous shots of her walking down streets and in a library. Such a shame because the content was actually quite interesting!

noelle said...

I quite agree with you clare, only watched the first kirsty, not impressed really! thanks for your comment on my houses, thought about doing a lighthouse though!!

JuliaB said...

I completely agree on both counts! I was HORRIFIED when I saw Kirsty I have the most annoying personality on the plant Allsop on the tv the other day... Lordy! And yes, I have seen nicer houses on blogs .. And ASFORGARDNERSWORLD .. yes! Bring back Monty, bring back Alan, Bring back ANYONE else ... but the one I can't stand the most who thinks he's the gardens answer to Jamie Oliver.. grrr... x

Mary Poppins said...

Go on though admit it, your'e going to watch her again tomorrow ;)

I always look forward to her programme and then sadly, get very,very let down.

Thanks for your lovely comment, I keep looking at your lovely heart and smile, can never thank you enough. Now then, when is this grand opening of your shop and can I come for drinks and nibbles :)


Ellouise88 said...

I SOOOOOOO agree with you on both counts. Nobody can replace Geoff with his bits of hosepipe made into cloches! Wish they would repeat some of his GW. Very disappointed with Kirsty also. The shop where she bought that quilt is just down the road from me!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Yes, I agree totally with your comments about the Kirstie Allsop show. It should be produced, directed, and presented by bloggers, as we don't have the money, find real bargains, and make a better job of it!!
Blogs are definitely more inspirational!!!
As for Gardeners World, I watch Corrie instead, but it seems I;'m not missing much!! My favourite definitely was Geoff Hamilton!!


Sharon xx

Sal said...

I thought that tonight's 'garden' programme was a load of 'you know what'!
I suppose that I was expecting lovely cottagey things...not a load of artificial stuff hanging all over a garden!
I'm pretty open minded.. but that,to me, was garbage! ;-)

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Hi Clare .... agree wholeheartedly ... I would love to know just how much was spent in total on this 'handmade home' made from mostly 'second hand' stuff ... also it made it look as though Kirsty had come in and waved her magic fairy dust over a wreck and lo and behold a beautiful home appeared .... where were all the hairy arsed builders doing the real work???

pinkgreen said...

I totally agree. Gardener's World used to be the highlight of the week - perfect Friday night viewing. I have to say that all of the presenters are irritating, and smug, and they seem to focus so much on exotics. As for Kirstie, I want to know why they have her knitting in the credits when she had to learn how to in one programme. Also, who has a poster with 'Never mind the b*******' in a children's play room?! I ask you!
Lovely handmade heart by the way in your post.
Cathy X

silverpebble said...

Ah Ms Allsopp - she promoted British craft and having a go at making your own- good. She did NOT approach her makeover thriftily - fireplace removal - bad. Banging on about the five bedrooms - alienating. Filming in her parents' MANSION - lost for words.

I'm convinced that quilt was a plant - it wasn't there last week and oops there it is! She didn't even open it out. Fakery!

Emma x

noelle said...

Hi Clare, just popping by to say hi! hope everything is well x

Twiggy said...

I agree with you totally. not a Kirsty Allsop fan but I noticed that she would say I am going to make.... and then say well I got my local artisan to make it actually!!! GW is very odd these days.
Twiggy x
PS I can''t watch GW without being distracted by whatever Alys is wearing!!!

Vintage to Victorian said...

I caught a few of Kirstie's programmes and cringed through most of what I saw. Such a disappointment.

As for Gardeners World. The world used to stop for me on a Friday evening so I could watch Geoff Hamilton. Alan Titchmarsh took over exceedingly well, but I'm afraid it was the beginning of the end for me when Monty Don took over. I felt he had no passion for what he was doing. As time has gone on I'm sorry to say I forgot about Gardeners World until I caught a bit of one a few weeks ago. What unbelievable twaddle they speak, all twee and silly, with no serious get down to it gardening. All too full of their own self-importance and patronising to the nth degree in my view.

Off my soapbox now!!


this is my patch said...

I taped the first episode of Kirsty's Homemade Home and ended up winding through most of it. Another one making bucket loads of money out of what the rest of us have been doing for years, mixing the old with the new. As for Gardeners World, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I used to so look forward to the hour at Berryfields, I aspired to Monty's style of gardening. I struggle to find anything inpiring about the new plot, or Toby Buckland come to that. x