Friday, 13 March 2009

cosy toes

snug as a bug.
a benefit of sewing a patchwork quilt during the winter!


Lisa said...

Oh that middle patch looks like a web!
Your room looms v cosy, like the woodburner. Did you make or buy the cushion on the sofa?

Lisa said...

I'm in Woolston, so quite close to your cousin.
Will def give your Dad a wave next time we are at the shore!
L x

Diane said...

Hi Clare - Well thanks to your encouragement, Ive made a start. Now I just need to spend the weekend taking photos to post.
I love your blog and I'm envious of your garden and your campervan.

Simone said...

Good isn't it? I hope I finish my crochet blanket by the summer though as I don't fancy all that woollyness sitting on my lap all through the summertime! Your quilt is looking lovely by the way.

Bertie x said...

Hi Clare, looks like your almost there. Lovely fireplace, I've just broken the glass on our stove door tonight, I'm such a clumsy clot. have a great weekend.
Bertie x

Diane said...

Hi Clare, Sorry, I made a false start!! My new (and inspired by you and Noelle) can be found at

this is my patch said...

Sewing! I'd fall asleep if I was under that! x

clare said...

It's a tough life ....LOL !
clares craftroom

Sue said...

This is a lovely picture. I do like your patchwork :-) Looks pretty perfect to me ;-) x